Mass spectrometers for vacuum, gas, plasma and surface science


Before Downloading


  • If you are upgrading an existing installation then you will not be prompted for a licence key during the upgrade process.
  • If you are re-installing then you will need to use your licence key.
  • If you have lost your licence key then you should click here to contact Hiden using our Online Contact Form.


The WR number can be found on the serial number label attached to the rear panel of the Interface Unit. The WR number is the 4 or 5 digit number displayed on the second line of the Serial No. box, 10947 in the image shown below.



The WR number is also displayed in the MassSpecs menu of MASsoft, following the # symbol.



Downloading MASsoft from the FTP site


The following instructions use Internet Explorer 7, but other web browsers can be used and have equivalent dialogs.


Copy and paste the address shown below into your web browser’s address bar and press enter:

The password dialog box will be displayed.


Input the following username/password combination then press enter:

Username: hal-download

Password: hiden07

Your web browser will display the PreviousVersions directory.


Click the file labelled

The File Download dialog will be displayed.


Click the Save button and choose a directory in which to save the file.

The download progress dialog will be displayed.

When the download is complete click Close.


Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder containing

Right click on file labelled and select Explore from the popup menu.

Double-click on the folder labelled CDvx.xx.

Note: For an exhaustive list of the changes made between releases see the issue.txt file.


Double-click on the file labelled setup.exe.

The security warning dialog will be displayed.


Click Run.

The Hiden Software Suite installation upgrade will begin.


Click Yes to complete the installation.