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  • I just noticed that my experiment files are now being saved to the C:\Program Files\Hiden Analytical\Massoftpro\ directory.  This just started happening yesterday and I don't know why.  The files had been saving to the C:\Data Files\Hiden Analytical\Massoft\ directory, which is where I want them.  Can I change this directory without having to reinstall the software?




  • Have you just created a new desktop icon for MASsoft Pro or a new shortcut?  


The "working directory" for MASsoft will be specified by the "Start in"  field in the desktop icon / link's Properties.

To change this click on the MASsoft desktop icon using your right mouse button; this will bring up a pop-up menu. Select Properties.  You can now change the "Start in" path. 

The same applies to the links in the Start Menu, Programs, Hiden Applications - you can right click on these too.

If you start MASSoft by double-click on the .exe file in C:\Program Files\Hiden Analytical\MASsoftPro then  C:\Program Files\Hiden Analytical\MASsoftPro will be the current directory.

If you change the directory in the File Save As dialog then that become the current directory until you re-start  MASsoft.

On the other hand the File Open dialog remembers the last directory that you used even after a re-start.