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Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometer Systems

For evolved gas analysis as a function of time and temperature

Measures the concentration of gases and vapours in real time

Thermal Analysis

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Mass range

200, 300 or 510 amu

Minimum detectable concentration


Maximum detectable concentration


Sample inlet pressure

100mbar to 2bar abs


Options for sampling at pressures up to 30Bar

Response time to gas concentration change

300 milliseconds

Fast measurement speed

Up to 500 measurements per second

Sample flow required

Options for < 1 atm cc/min to 20 atm cc/min


Corrosive gas sampling options

For evolved gas analysis as a function of time and temperature

Coupling a Mass Spectrometer to Thermal Analysis techniques provides for evolved gas analysis as a function of time and temperature. The combined TA-MS data is used to characterise materials.

Thermal Analysis

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Data obtained from thermal analysis equipment provides great insight into thermodynamic and mechanistic aspects of the thermal behaviour of materials and their interactions with probe molecules. Mass Spectrometry employed in conjunction with thermal analysis provides speciation of evolved species as function of temperature and time to provide an extremely powerful technique for the characterisation of materials and their interactions and reactions with their environment. In order to obtain the full benefits from a TA-MS coupling, it is vital that the interface is optimised to avoid dead volumes and cold spots that compromise system performance. Hiden software/hardware interfaces provide for seamless operation for the combined TA-MS system.

Hiden offers optimized interface coupling to a range of thermal analysis systems including :

TGA-MS and TGA/DTA-MS systems : Hiden Isochema IGA - intelligent gravimetric analyser, PerkinElmer, TA Instruments, Netzsch,  Mettler Toledo, Seteram

Calorimetry : Mass spectrometry for simultaneous evolved gas/calirometry analysis. Evolved gas analysis compliments the calorimetric data providing reaction kinetics data and speciation of reaction off gas.

Solid Insertion Probe: An integrated solid insertion probe mass spectrometer system for in-situ TPD studies.

Hiden CATLAB-PCS : An integrated microreactor/mass spectrometer for catalyst characterisation.