Mass spectrometers for vacuum, gas, plasma and surface science

Systems for the examination of components present in a vessel or evolved from a process

All Hiden residual gas analysers are application tested and calibrated to provide the highest quality performance, and they are backed by a 3 year warranty and lifetime service support.



Residual gas analysis

Leak Detection


Outgassing studies

Bakeout cycles

Pump performance

Process gas contaminants

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HAL 201 RC


3F Series RGA


The Hiden RGA Series includes three specification levels :

HALO RGA  - for residual gas analysis
Suitable for vacuum fingerprint analysis, leak detection and trend analysis

3F Series RGA - triple filter mass spectrometers for analytical applications
Triple filter technology provides extended mass ranges, increased mass resolution, enhanced sensitivity and improved contamination resistance for more demanding analytical applications.

3F-PIC - pulse ion counting detection for fast event studies
Ultra-fast pulse ion counting detection provides seven decade continuous dynamic range with optimum sensitivity at UHV/XHV


- Mass range options: 50, 100, 200, 300, or 510 amu.

- Detector options give sensitivity for high vacuum to ultra high vacuum, UHV.

- Stability (less than ±0.5% height variation over 24 h)

- MASsoft control via RS232, USB or multiple systems via Ethernet LAN

- Fast access for Histogram, Trend Analysis and Analog peak displays

- Mixed mode scanning e.g. Trend, Histogram and Analog peaks in multiple-windows

- Simultaneous real time display of graphical and tabular trend analysis data

- Cursor for peak height identification under mouse control

- Real time background subtract, Automatic mass scale alignment

- Data export facility to ASCII format and to all Windows devices

- netMASsoft, an on board web server for RGA operation from your Web browser


The systems are supplied with MASsoft 7 Professional Edition software.

This Windows 8 compatible software allows control of the instrument via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet. Provides comprehensive I/O for data output and for reading data from external devices for integration and display with mass spectrometer data.