Mass spectrometers for vacuum, gas, plasma and surface science


Pharmaceutical Product Development

For real time analysis of organic vapours and moisture in reactions

Measures the concentration of gases and vapours in real time




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Mass range

200, 300 or 510 amu


Minimum detectable concentration



Maximum detectable concentration



Sample inlet pressure

100mbar to 2bar abs


Options for sampling at pressures up to 30Bar


Response time to gas concentration change

300 milliseconds


Fast measurement speed

Up to 500 measurements per second


Sample flow required

Options for < 1 atm cc/min to 20 atm cc/min


Corrosive gas sampling options

For real time analysis of organic vapours and moisture in reactions

The real time analysis of organic vapours and moisture in materials and reactions processes provides valuable information in pharmaceutical product development. Hiden Analytical products address three primary areas for pharmaceutical industry and research including Thermal AnalysisFreeze Drying and Fermentation.



Thermal Analysis/MS


Freeze drying

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Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometer Systems
Detection of moisture/solvent loss from a sample. e.g. Loss on Drying or dehydration of a pharmaceutical thermal stability (degradation) processes including the study of reactions e.g. polymerisations, analysis of trace volatiles in a sample
e.g. Volatile Organic Content (VOC) and testing are all typical applications of TGA-MS

Real time evolved gas analysis from thermo-gravimetric analysers in TGA-MS applications and from reaction calorimeters provides detailed information – unachievable with traditional laboratory techniques.

Freeze Drying
Analysis of the partial pressure of water vapour and solvents in freeze drying provides an unparalleled degree of process control, from the primary drying stage through to secondary drying and onto process end point.

Hiden HPR-30 vacuum process analyser provides for high sensitivity fast response gas and vapour analysis. Lyophilisation process chamber vacuum leak check mode is included.

In fermentation off gas analysis Hiden’s QIC Biostream analyses real time oxygen and CO2, and other species providing real time outputs of derived variables including the respiratory quotient, RQ, the carbon expiration rate, CER, and the oxygen uptake rate, OUR. Hiden’s QIC Biostream with the Proteus multi-stream sampling valve with on board selected stream flow measurement provides for sampling for up to 80 streams.