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Gas analysis during Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) experiments has predominantly been associated with two main techniques: Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR). While both have their merits, we believe our HPR-20 EGA showcases some unique benefits of MS. Here’s a modest comparison.

FT-IR in TGA Gas Analysis

FT-IR provides the infrared spectrum of absorption or emission from a sample. Its features include:

  • Analysis: FT-IR offers timely compound characterization.
  • Functional Group Spotting: It can detect specific functional groups in organic molecules.
  • Sample Integrity: The non-destructive nature of FT-IR ensures samples remain undamaged.

Exploring Mass Spectrometry with HPR-20 EGA

Mass spectrometry focuses on the mass-to-charge ratio of compounds. Our HPR-20 EGA brings out some notable aspects of MS.

Features of HPR-20 EGA:

  • Precision Measurements: MS provides detailed information for quantifying and identifying gases.
  • Detection Spectrum: HPR-20 EGA is equipped to recognize a variety of compounds.
  • Sensitivity: It’s designed to identify even trace gases.
  • Real-time Feedback: Get real time data for your analysis.

HPR-20 EGA and FT-IR: Conclusions

  • Detection Scope: HPR-20 EGA offers competitive detection limits compared to many FT-IR instruments.
  • Versatility: MS, in general, has a broader scope than FT-IR’s specific functional groups.
  • Compound Analysis: HPR-20 EGA provides clarity in compound identification, even in mixed samples.
  • Prompt Data: HPR-20 EGA allows for relatively quick data acquisition.

Closing Thoughts

Both FT-IR and Mass Spectrometry have their places in TGA gas analysis. However, the HPR-20 EGA exemplifies some of the distinct advantages MS can offer. If you’re considering broadening your analytical tools, the HPR-20 EGA is worth a closer look.

Stay in touch with us for more insights on TGA analysis and beyond. Your journey to discovery begins with Hiden Analytical.

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