We are looking for high calibre employees with a physical science background

We supply mass spectrometers for advanced process monitoring and research in diverse areas of gas analysis, plasma, surface science, surface analysis and vacuum-related processing through Europe, North America and the Far East.

Careers at Hiden Analytical


  • We look for high calibre employees with a physical science background that would be interested in joining our team.
  • Our team currently comprises more than 70 staff, in various fields of expertise. Engineers are the largest group within the Hiden team.
  • More than 50% of Hiden employees have been with the company for more than 10 years. There are good reasons for this.
  • Whether you would like to join us as, a trainee, a graduate or a professional, we are looking forward to your application!
  • Before sending us your application please follow the job application guidance notes.


Analog and RF Design Engineer

The Role: Analog Design Engineer to work on Analog Design, Low frequency RF (<10MHz) and Power Supply circuits design for the Mass Spectrometry industry in the areas of Residual Gas analysis, Surface science, plasma science and Langmuir Probes.

This role will require already proven Analog experience but training will be provided in the Mass spectrometry industry knowledge and related Analog skill sets. Primarily aimed at design engineer level wanting to transition to senior design engineer in the coming years or an option for a senior engineer wanting to pursue a career in the mass spec industry.

Specify and design electronics hardware with functionality defined by the project proposer. Generate specifications, verification evidence, and production documentation and production test capability.

Must Haves: 

    • Good industry Analog design and verification experience with hands-on practical knowledge.
    • Understanding of basic RF concepts such as impedance matching, smith charts, transmission line theory, bode analysis, VNA. Inductor, transformer principals.
    • Transistor level circuit design including DAC voltage control, amplifier and power amps.
    • Ability to simulate designs using industry proven tools. (Lt Spice, Bode analysers, VNA, Simsmith)
    • PCB layout experience, PCB assembles, and part list, wiring schedules.

Other appreciated skills or knowledge: 

  • Ideally knowledge in the mass spectrometry industry and related skill sets.
  • AC-DC & DC-DC SMPS power supply design, Voltages (<24), Medium range 24V to -200/+200 (transformer) design and control of high voltage modules (up to +- 10kV).
  • Fundamental understanding of noise in Analog circuits.
  • Interpret requirements specifications to achieve system and design strategy for future products.
  • Undertake design reviews, discuss and accommodate changes to ongoing work.
  • Appreciation of test equipment: RF generators, spectrum analysers, VNAs, oscilloscopes, LCR Bridge.
  • Writing of design reports, testing and specifications reports. Work with marketing, applications and customers to help define new solutions.
  • Interface to the Production Department and adapt, re-engineer designs for obsolescence and improvements.
  • Ability to work with external partners such as FAE’s, test equipment suppliers, and chip set suppliers
  • Good English skills, communication skills, and willingness to work with multi team members.
  • Good learning competency, self-motivated, and ability to work in diverse areas in a flexible and dynamic environment. Take full responsibility for solutions and make them happen.


  • Adherence at all times to the published Company Procedures
  • To understand and comply with the Company’s Policy Statement
  • To ensure deadlines are met with regard to test and installing of products
  • Maintain safe working environment for yourself and others at all times
  • Maintain the Company image, particularly whilst at customer site, or representing the Company
  • Looks for continuous improvement both personally and in company practices

Salary will be competitive and depend on experience

For the successful candidate the start date is ASAP

About Hiden Analytical Ltd.
We manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers for residual gas analysis, plasma diagnostics by direct measurement of plasma ions and ion energies, SIMS systems and probes for surface analysis and UHV surface science, gas analysis systems for gas reaction studies, catalysis performance quantification, and thermo-gravimetric studies.
We are a specialist company of ~ 70 people. Our products are exported to all major economies in the world

Vacancies advertised are fulltime permanent positions

For job application guidance, please see: “Job Application Guidance” tab.


Please apply by email.

Please include:

      • Covering letter
      • CV

Your covering letter should make clear why you wish to apply for a position at Hiden Analytical Ltd, and please outline your career objectives. We are pleased to accept applications from recent graduates, PhD’s, experienced professionals and apprentices. Especially in the case of experienced professionals, it is important to know the reasons for a change of job.

Please specify your expected salary and earliest possible start date.

We recommend that you list the details in your CV in chronological order, which will make it easier for us to review your application to follow your career development. Mention your average grades in school and further education in your CV: we would like to know not only what you have achieved, but how – and how well – you have reached your objectives.

If your application is well presented but you don’t receive an interview invitation, this is probably because another candidate was better suited to the position. The candidate profile must match our requirements very closely to be considered. Unfortunately it is not possible to reply to all applications received.

We naturally hope that your application meets our requirements, and wish you every success. The email address for your applications is :