How NOT to Prepare Goods for Shipping

Exposed extrusion
Leaving protrusions exposed
Exposed parts are more likely to get damaged. Use one or more pieces of bubble wrap to provide the goods with an inner layer of protection. Ensure all corners and protrusions are covered.
Bundled items
Bunding all items in together
Items may collide with each other during shipping. Wrap items individually.
Cables still connected
Leaving cables/parts connected
Cables and/or connectors may be put under stress. Ensure goods are dissasembled as much as possible. Wrap items individually.
Unboxed items
Sending items unboxed
Items are more likely to get damaged. A suitable box should be used for shipping the goods. Create a layer of padding around the item using bubble wrap and/or foam packing pieces.
Loose items
Leaving empty space inside the box
Items may shift during shipping. Place the bubble wrapped goods in the box and surround with more padding. Make sure that there is suitable distance between the goods and the edges of the box and fill with padding.
Damaged box
Using weak/damaged boxes
Items are more likely to get damaged. Use suitable boxes according to the size and weight of the items being shipped. Reinforce corners/edges if required. Use additional packing tape/banding.