Preparing Goods for Shipping

Foam packing for instrument parts
Step 1
If an item has been supplied with pieces of foam to provide protection during shipping then attach these and secure them.
Bubble wrapped parts
Step 2
Use one or more pieces of bubble wrap to provide the goods with an inner layer of protection. Ensure all corners and protrusions are covered.
Packing secured with tape
Step 3
Add an outer layer of protection using bubble wrap. Secure using sticky tape.
Box with padding
Step 4
A suitable box should be used for shipping the goods. Create a layer of padding at the bottom of the box using bubble wrap and/or foam packing pieces.
Parts secured with padding
Step 5
Place the bubble wrapped goods in the box and surround with more padding. Make sure that there is suitable distance between the goods and the edges of the box.
Add required documentation
Step 6
Add the required documentation to the box. Click here to download the Contamination Status of Returns form.
Add padding to fill box
Step 7
Add final padding to the box so that contents are tightly packed.
Seal box with tape
Step 8
Close box and seal all flaps using packing tape.
Add damage detection device
Step 9
Add device to detect damage to packaging during shipping.