HPR-20 R&DPlus

A real time gas analyser with integrated gas control unit

The HPR-20 R&DPlus features the standard R&D system with the addition of an integrated gas mixing panel for control of gas mixes for calibration or reactant mixing.

Includes a range of features for use with existing reactor furnace systems providing a fully integrated gas, temperature control, and analysis system under a single software application.

A compact bench-top system for real time gas and vapour analysis


The additional gas control unit allows precision mixing of gases from up to 4 digital MFCs for determining accurate cracking patterns and relative sensitivity (RS) factors of analysis gases. Control, setpoint, readback etc, is fully integrated in MASsoft Professional also giving control over MFC gas conversion factors for the use of different gases with the same MFCs.

The gas control unit can also be used to control the gas supply to users’ own reactor systems allowing complete control of gas blending and data acquisition in one software package (furnace control options are also available).

The gas control unit can also be supplied separately for integration into existing Hiden gas analysis systems.


  • Gas mixing calibration panel including four high precision digital MFCs with integrated positive shutoff valves for each stream.
  • Fully software controlled
  • Software controlled switching valves to ensure continuous gas flow to either analysis or vent lines.
  • Temperature inputs, analogue or digital,  and digital outputs for control of injection valves (optional) for complete  integration with existing reactor systems.





The system is supplied with MASsoft Professional software.

This Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible software allows control of the instrument via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet. Provides comprehensive I/O for data output and for reading data from external devices for integration and display with mass spectrometer data.