ScienceDirect Jul – Sept 2015

Synergistic performance between oxidizability and acidity/texture properties for 1,2-dichloroethane oxidation over (Ce,Cr)xO2/zeolite catalysts

Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 134, 29 September 2015, Pages 340-347

Peng Yang, Zhinan Shi, Fei Tao, Shanshan Yang, Renxian Zhou


Improved ethanol steam reforming on Rh/Al2O3 catalysts doped with CeO2 or/and La2O3: Influence in reaction pathways including coke formation

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 505, 25 September 2015, Pages 159-172

Paula Osorio-Vargas, Cristian H. Campos, Rufino M. Navarro, Jose L.G. Fierro, Patricio Reyes


Development of composited rare-earth promoted cobalt-based Fischer–Tropsch synthesis catalysts with high activity and selectivity

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 505, 25 September 2015, Pages 276-283

Leilei He, BotaoTeng, Yulong Zhang, Maohong Fan


Enhanced chemoselective hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to methyl glycolate over bimetallic Ag–Ni/SBA-15 catalysts

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 505, 25 September 2015, Pages 344-353

Junfu Zhou, Xinping Duan, Linmin Ye, Jianwei Zheng, Molly Meng-Jung Li, S.C. Edman Tsang, Youzhu Yuan


Studies on Degradation of Copper Nano Particles in Cathode for CO2 Electrolysis to Organic Compounds

Electrochimica Acta, Volume 177, 20 September 2015, Pages 359-365

Garima Garg, Suddhasatwa Basu


Reactivity and reaction intermediates for acetic acid adsorbed on CeO2(1 1 1)

Catalysis Today, Volume 253, 15 September 2015, Pages 65-76

Florencia C. Calaza, Tsung-Liang Chen, David R. Mullins, Ye Xu, Steven H. Overbury


Towards the thermal utilisation of non-tyre rubbers – Macroscopic and chemical changes while approaching the process temperature

Fuel, Volume 156, 15 September 2015, Pages 148-157

Pal Szentannai, János Bozi, Emma Jakab, János Ősz, Tibor Szűcs


Manufacturing of metal-organic framework monoliths and their application in CO2 adsorption

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Volume 214, 15 September 2015, Pages 149-155

Wan Yun Hong, Semali P. Perera, Andrew D. Burrows


Mechanistic aspects of formation of sintering-resistant palladium nanoparticles over SiO2 prepared using Pd(acac)2 as precursor

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 504, 5 September 2015, Pages 179-186

Yi-hua Xie, Bing Li, Wei-Zheng Weng, Yan-Ping Zheng, Kong-Tao Zhu, Nuo-Wei Zhang, Chuan-Jing Huang, Hui-Lin Wan


Catalytic synthesis of methanethiol from methanol and carbon disulfide over KW/Al2O3 catalysts

Catalysis Communications, Volume 69, 5 September 2015, Pages 104-108

Weiming Wang, Yang Li, Xiang Zhang, Weiping Fang, Yiquan Yang


Uranium oxide-supported gold catalyst for water–gas shift reaction

Fuel Processing Technology, Volume 137, September 2015, Pages 164-169

Yuan-Yuan Dong, Wei-Ping Liao, Zhang-Huai Suo


Thermal characterisation of new, artificially aged and historical leather and parchment

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Volume 115, September 2015, Pages 419-427

Zoltán Sebestyén, Zsuzsanna Czégény, Elena Badea, Cristina Carsote, Claudiu Şendrea, Eszter Barta-Rajnai, János Bozi, Lucretia Miu, Emma Jakab


Exploiting basic principles to control the selectivity of the vapour phase catalytic oxidative cross-coupling of primary alcohols over nanoporous gold catalysts

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 329, September 2015, Pages 78-86

Lu-Cun Wang, Kara J. Stowers, Branko Zugic, Michelle L. Personick, Monika M. Biener, Juergen Biener, Cynthia M. Friend, Robert J. Madix


Base-free aerobic oxidation of glycerol on TiO2-supported bimetallic Au–Pt catalysts

Journal of Energy Chemistry, Volume 24, Issue 5, September 2015, Pages 669-673

Yihong Shen, Yuming Li, Haichao Liu


Selective catalytic reduction of NO by methane over the Co/MOR catalysts in the presence of oxygen

Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology, Volume 43, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 1106-1112

Hong WANG, Bin LI, Xue-bin LU, Cui-qing LI, Fu-chen DING, Yong-ji SONG


Photothermal study of RF-plasma polymerized hexamethyldisilazane thin films

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 37, September 2015, Pages 223-228

J.L. Jiménez-Pérez, M.A. Algatti, V. Cruz San Martin, P.W.P. Moreira Júnior, R.R.P. Mota, Z.N. Correa Pacheco, A. Cruz-Orea, J.F. Sánchez Ramírez


Preparation of super-microporous WO3–SiO2 olefin metathesis catalysts by the aerosol-assisted sol–gel process

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Volume 213, 1 September 2015, Pages 125-133

Surasa Maksasithorn, Piyasan Praserthdam, Kongkiat Suriye, Damien P. Debecker


Mechanism of electric conductivity change in BaCo0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3 − δ at intermediate temperature

Solid State Ionics, Volume 277, September 2015, Pages 44-49

Qiang Zhen, Wei Tan, Rong Li


Triode operation for enhancing the performance of H2S-poisoned SOFCs operated under CH4–H2O mixtures

Solid State Ionics, Volume 277, September 2015, Pages 65-71

Foteini M. Sapountzi, Michail N. Tsampas, Chunhua Zhao, Antoinette Boreave, Laurence Retailleau, Dario Montinaro, Philippe Vernoux


Influence of mixture compositions on ion energy distributions in Ar/N2 electron cyclotron resonance plasma

Vacuum, Volume 119, September 2015, Pages 174-178

Y.C. Zhang, X.H. Xie, H. Li, K. Yang, Z.L. Tang, X.D. Zhu


An experimental assessment of the ammonia temperature programmed desorption method for probing the surface acidic properties of heterogeneous catalysts

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 503, 25 August 2015, Pages 227-236

Francesco Arena, Roberto Di Chio, Giuseppe Trunfio


Dissociative electron attachment to bromotrifluoromethane

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Volume 387, 15 August 2015, Pages 78-82

Ragesh Kumar TP, Benedikt Ómarsson, Stefán Þ. Kristinsson, Oddur Ingólfsson


Study of magnetic iron nitride thin films deposited by high power impulse magnetron sputtering

Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 275, 15 August 2015, Pages 264-269

Akhil Tayal, Mukul Gupta, Ajay Gupta, V. Ganesan, Layanta Behera, Surendra Singh, Saibal Basu


Transition metal oxide based TiO2 nanoparticles for visible light induced CO2 photoreduction

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 502, 5 August 2015, Pages 114-121

Oluwafunmilola Ola, M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer


Phase transformations of titanium hydride in thermal desorption process with different heating rates

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 40, Issue 29, 3 August 2015, Pages 8926-8934

Mingwang Ma, Li Liang, Lei Wang, Yuan Wang, Yanlin Cheng, Binghua Tang, Wei Xiang, Xiaohua Tan


Structural modification of LaCoO3 perovskite for oxidation reactions: The synergistic effect of Ca2+ and Mg2+ co-substitution on phase formation and catalytic performance

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 172–173, August 2015, Pages 18-26

Jingyi Zhang, Dongdong Tan, Qingjie Meng, Xiaole Weng, Zhongbiao Wu


Probing CO2 reaction mechanisms and effects on the SrNb0.1Co0.9−xFexO3−δ cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 172–173, August 2015, Pages 52-57

Yinlong Zhu, Jaka Sunarso, Wei Zhou, Zongping Shao


One-step synthesis of magnetic chitosan polymer composite films

Applied Surface Science, Volume 345, 1 August 2015, Pages 175-181

Federico Cesano, Gaia Fenoglio, Luciano Carlos, Roberto Nisticò


Direct dehydrogenation of isobutane to isobutene over carbon catalysts

Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Volume 36, Issue 8, August 2015, Pages 1214-1222

Yang Li, Zhongshen Zhang, Junhui Wang, Chunyan Ma, Hongling Yang, Zhengping Hao


On the remarkable resistance to coke formation of nanometer-sized and hierarchical MFI zeolites during ethanol to hydrocarbons transformation

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 328, August 2015, Pages 165-172

Louwanda Lakiss, Francis Ngoye, Christine Canaff, Sébastien Laforge, Yannick Pouilloux, Zhengxin Qin, Mehrad Tarighi, Karine Thomas, Valentin Valtchev, Aurélie Vicente, Ludovic Pinard, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Christian Fernandez


Growth of Niobium Thin Films on Si Substrates by Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Deposition

Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Volume 31, Issue 8, August 2015, Pages 784-789

Francisco Gontad, Antonella Lorusso, Luigi Solombrino, Ioannis Koutselas, Nikos Vainos, Alessio Perrone


Mass spectrometry analysis of the impurity content in N2 seeded discharges in JET-ILW

Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 463, August 2015, Pages 684-687

Drenik, M. Oberkofler, D. Alegre, U. Kruezi, S. Brezinsek, M. Mozetic, I. Nunes, M. Wischmeier, C. Giroud, G. Maddison, C. Reux, JET EFDA Contributors


Effects of grain structure on D retention in W under simultaneous D-He irradiation

Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 463, August 2015, Pages 997-1000

T.J. Finlay, J.W. Davis, A.A. Haasz


The deposition and microstructure of amorphous tungsten oxide films by sputtering

Vacuum, Volume 118, August 2015, Pages 125-132

Chuan Li, J.H. Hsieh, Ming-Tsung Hung, B.Q. Huang


Characterisation of Cu2O and Cu2O–Ag2O thin films synthesized by plasma oxidation

Vacuum, Volume 118, August 2015, Pages 147-151

Wu, C.C. Tseng, C. Li, C.K. Chang, J.H. Hsieh


Zeolite-catalyzed synthesis of 2,3-unsubstituted benzo[b]furans via the intramolecular cyclization of 2-aryloxyacetaldehyde acetals

Tetrahedron, Volume 71, Issue 29, 22 July 2015, Pages 4835-4841

Nan Sun, Peng Huang, Yifan Wang, Weimin Mo, Baoxiang Hu, Zhenlu Shen, Xinquan Hu


Silica promoted self-assembled mesoporous aluminas. Impact of the silica precursor on the structural, textural and acidic properties

Catalysis Today, Volume 250, 15 July 2015, Pages 115-122

Lidia López Pérez, Valeriya Zarubina, Alvaro Mayoral, Ignacio Melián-Cabrera

Novel heterogeneous basic catalysts for biodiesel production: Sodium titanate nanotubes doped with potassium

Catalysis Today, Volume 250, 15 July 2015, Pages 187-196

Patricia Hernández-Hipólito, Nohemí Juárez-Flores, Elena Martínez-Klimova, Antonio Gómez-Cortés, Xim Bokhimi, Luis Escobar-Alarcón, Tatiana E. Klimova


The lunar surface-exosphere connection: Measurement of secondary-ions from Apollo soils

Icarus, Volume 255, 15 July 2015, Pages 51-57

C.A. Dukes, R.A. Baragiola


Aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition synthesis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes: III. Towards upscaling

Carbon, Volume 88, July 2015, Pages 148-156

Seyyed Shayan Meysami, Antal A. Koós, Frank Dillon, Madhuri Dutta, Nicole Grobert


Synthesis, characterisation, and catalytic performance of La0.6Sr0.4NixCo1–xO3 perovskite catalysts in dry reforming of coke oven gas

Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Volume 36, Issue 7, July 2015, Pages 915-924

Qiuhua Zhu, Hongwei Cheng, Xingli Zou, Xionggang Lu, Qian Xu, Zhongfu Zhou


Environmentally assisted fatigue crack nucleation in Ti–6Al–2Sn–4Zr–6Mo

Corrosion Science, Volume 96, July 2015, Pages 87-101

T.P. Chapman, R.J. Chater, E.A. Saunders, A.M. Walker, T.C. Lindley, D. Dye


The effect of electron irradiation on the tribological property of perfluoropolyether grease in vacuum

Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, Volume 175, July 2015, Pages 114-120

Jianqun Yang, Xingji Li, Yong Liu, Liqin Wang


An original precipitation route toward the preparation and the sintering of highly reactive uranium cerium dioxide powders

Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 462, July 2015, Pages 173-181

Martinez, N. Clavier, A. Mesbah, F. Audubert, X.F. Le Goff, N. Vigier, N. Dacheux


Influence of lithium precursors and calcination atmospheres on graphene sheets-modified nano-Li4Ti5O12 anode material

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 285, 1 July 2015, Pages 51-62

Wen-Ting Li, Tao Yuan, Weimin Zhang, Jingjing Ma, Chunming Zhang, Yu-Shi He, Xiao-Zhen Liao, Zi-Feng Ma


Preparation and characterisation of strontium hydroxyapatite Sr10(PO4)6(OH)2·10H2O suitable for orthopedic applications

Materials Letters, Volume 150, 1 July 2015, Pages 89-92

Petr Melnikov, Renato V. Gonçalves


Spectroscopic characterisation of C2Hx intermediates in the dissociation of vinyl iodide on Pt(111)

Surface Science, Volumes 637–638, July–August 2015, Pages 29-34

Yuan Ren, Iradwikanari Waluyo, Jun Yin, Michael Trenary