ScienceDirect May – Jun 2013

Recent Publications that reference Hiden products


31 Threshold ionisation mass spectrometry (TIMS); a complementary quantitative technique to conventional mass resolved mass spectrometry

Vacuum, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online18 June 2013

S. Davies, J.A. Rees, D.L. Seymour


30 On competitive uptake of SO2 and CO2 from air by porous carbon containing CaO and MgO

Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 226,15 June 2013, Pages 348-356

Adam Czyżewski, Joanna Kapica, Dariusz Moszyński, Robert Pietrzak, Jacek Przepiórski


29 Study of the Al-grading effect in the crystallisation of chalcopyrite CuIn1−xAlxSe2 thin films

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 140, Issue 1,15 June 2013, Pages 236-242

S. Martín, G. Zoppi, R. Aninat,I.Forbes, C. Guillén


28 The effect of the gas composition on hydrogen-assisted NH3-SCR over Ag/Al2O3

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 136–137,5 June 2013, Pages 168-176

Stefanie Tamm, Sebastian Fogel, Pär Gabrielsson, Magnus Skoglundh, Louise Olsson


27 Nanoparticle decoration of carbon nanotubes by sputtering

Carbon, Volume 57, June 2013, Pages 274-281

C. Muratore, A.N. Reed, J.E. Bultman, S. Ganguli, B.A. Cola, A.A. Voevodin


26 Mechanism study of the promotional effect of O2 on low-temperature SCR reaction on Fe–Mn/TiO2 by DRIFT

Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 225,1 June 2013, Pages 52-58

Boqiong Jiang, Zhiguo Li, Shun-cheng Lee


25 Effects of PVP on the preparation of nanosized Al2O3 supported Ni catalysts by polyol method for catalytic partial oxidation of methane

Fuel Processing Technology, Volume 110, June 2013, Pages 167-175

Ezgi Bayrakdar, Tuba Gürkaynak Altınçekiç, M. Ali Faruk Öksüzömer


24 Mesoporous SAPO-34 with amine-grafting for CO2 capture

Fuel, Volume 108, June 2013, Pages 515-520

Ji-Ye Kim, Jun Kim, Seung-Tae Yang, Wha-Seung Ahn


23 Isotopic and geochemical investigation of two distinct Mars analog environments using evolved gas techniques in Svalbard, Norway

Icarus, Volume 224, Issue 2, June 2013, Pages 297-308

Jennifer C. Stern, Amy C. McAdam, Inge L. Ten Kate, David L. Bish, David F. Blake, Richard V. Morris, Roxane Bowden, Marilyn L. Fogel, Mihaela Glamoclija, Paul R. Mahaffy, Andrew Steele, Hans E.F. Amundsen


22 Preparation of ultrahigh surface area porous carbons templated using zeolite 13X for enhanced hydrogen storage

Progress in Natural Science: Materials International, Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2013, Pages 308-316

Eric Masika, Robert Mokaya


21 Facile synthesis of nanosized sodium magnesium hydride, NaMgH3

Progress in Natural Science: Materials International, Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2013, Pages 343-350

Hazel Reardon, Natalia Mazur, Duncan H. Gregory


20 Chalcogenisation of Cu–Sb metallic precursors into Cu3Sb(SexS1−x)3

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 113, June 2013, Pages 186-194

Pietro Maiello, Guillaume Zoppi, Robert W. Miles, Nicola Pearsall, Ian Forbes


19 Reactions of ethanol on Ru(0001)

Surface Science, Volume 612, June 2013, Pages 42-47

J.M. Sturm, C.J. Lee, F. Bijkerk


18 Role of additives (X = Ti, Zr) in phase formation and thermal stability of Fe–X–N thin films

Thin Solid Films, Volume 536,1 June 2013, Pages 39-49

Akhil Tayal, Mukul Gupta, Ajay Gupta, M. Horisberger, J. Stahn


17 Sn-modified NOX storage/reduction catalysts

Catalysis Today, Volume 207,30 May 2013, Pages 200-211

I.S. Pieta, M. García-Diéguez, M.A. Larrubia, L.J. Alemany, W.S. Epling


16 Improved CO, hydrocarbon and NO oxidation performance using zone-coated Pt-based catalysts

Catalysis Today, Volume 207,30 May 2013, Pages 220-226

Ali Abedi, Jin-Yong Luo, William S. Epling


15 Structure–activity relationship of CuO/MnO2 catalysts in CO oxidation

Applied Surface Science, Volume 273,15 May 2013, Pages 357-363

Kun Qian, Zhaoxia Qian, Qing Hua, Zhiquan Jiang, Weixin Huang


14 Hydrogen production by photoreforming of biofuels using Au, Pd and Au–Pd/TiO2 photocatalysts

Journal of Catalysis, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online15 May 2013

M. Bowker, C. Morton, J. Kennedy, H. Bahruji, J. Greves, W. Jones, P.R. Davies, C. Brookes, P.P. Wells, N. Dimitratos


13 CO2 adsorption on chemically modified activated carbon

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volumes 252–253,15 May 2013, Pages 19-28

Burcu Selen Caglayan, A. Erhan Aksoylu


12 Highly and stably dispersed Pt catalysts supported over La1−xSrxAlO3−0.5x perovskite for oxidative methane activation and their structures

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 458,10 May 2013, Pages 71-81

Daiki Mukai, Yoshiyuki Izutsu, Yasushi Sekine


11 High hydrogen content super-lightweight intermetallics from the Li–Mg–Si system

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 38, Issue 14,10 May 2013, Pages 5724-5737

Volodymyr Pavlyuk, Grygoriy Dmytriv, Ihor Chumak, Oliver Gutfleisch, Inge Lindemann, Helmut Ehrenberg


10 Effect and behavior of cerium oxide in Ni/γ-Al2O3 catalysts on autothermal reforming of methane: CeAlO3 formation and its role on activity

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 38, Issue 14,10 May 2013, Pages 6027-6032

Tae Yong Kim, Sung Min Kim, Won Su Lee, Seong Ihl Woo


9 Correlation of structural and chemical characteristics with catalytic performance of hydrotalcite-based CuNiAl mixed oxides for SO2 abatement

Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 223,1 May 2013, Pages 164-171

Ling Zhao, Xinyong Li, Ji Zhao


8 CO2 reforming of toluene as model compound of biomass tar on Ni/Palygorskite

Fuel, Volume 107, May 2013, Pages 699-705

Tianhu Chen, Haibo Liu, Peichao Shi, Dong Chen, Lei Song, Hongping He, Ray L. Frost


7 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol over nickel supported on La-modified alumina catalysts prepared by sol–gel

Fuel, Volume 107, May 2013, Pages 828-835

C. Melchor-Hernández, A. Gómez-Cortés, G. Díaz


6 Production, characterization and methane storage potential of KOH-activated carbon from sugarcane molasses

Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 47, May 2013, Pages 153-159

Joanna Sreńscek-Nazzal, Weronika Kamińska, Beata Michalkiewicz, Zvi C. Koren


5 Study on temperature dependence of catalytic thermal decomposition of polyamides and polyurethanes mixed with acidic zeolites

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Volume 101, May 2013, Pages 103-110

János Bozi, Magdolna R. Mihályi, Marianne Blazsó


4 Efficient aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-diformylfuran on supported Ru catalysts

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 301, May 2013, Pages 83-91

Junfang Nie, Jiahan Xie, Haichao Liu


3 Highly selective ammonia oxidation to nitric oxide over supported Pt nanoparticles

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 301, May 2013, Pages 210-216

Johannes Schäffer, Vita A. Kondratenko, Norbert Steinfeldt, Michael Sebek, Evgenii V. Kondratenko


2 CO oxidation over ZnO films on Pt(1 1 1) at near-atmospheric pressures

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 301, May 2013, Pages 227-232

Y. Martynova, B.-H.Liu,M.E.McBriarty, I.M.N. Groot, M.J. Bedzyk, S. Shaikhutdinov, H.-J. Freund


1 Direct activation of microcrystalline zeolites

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Volume 171,1 May 2013, Pages 208-214

María Jesús Ortiz-Iniesta, Hero Jan Heeres, Ignacio Melian-Cabrera