ScienceDirect Nov – Dec 2012

Recent Publications that reference Hiden products


28 Gold supported on ceria nanoparticles and nanotubes

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 449,27 December 2012, Pages 96-104

Brenda Acosta, Elena Smolentseva, Sergey Beloshapkin, Ricardo Rangel, Miguel Estrada, Sergio Fuentes, Andrey Simakov


27 CO2 reforming of toluene as model compound of biomass tar on Ni/Palygorskite

Fuel, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online23 December 2012

Tianhu Chen, Haibo Liu, Peichao Shi, Dong Chen, Lei Song, Hongping He, Ray L. Frost


26 Mesoporous SAPO-34 with amine-grafting for CO2 capture

Fuel, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online20 December 2012

Ji-Ye Kim, Jun Kim, Seung-Tae Yang, Wha-Seung Ahn


25 Electro-optic and dielectric properties of epitaxial Pb1 − 3x/2LaxZr0.2Ti0.8O3 thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition

Thin Solid Films, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online16 December 2012

N.D. Scarisoreanu, F. Craciun, A. Andrei, V. Ion, R. Birjega, A. Moldovan, M. Dinescu, C. Galassi


24 Effects of surface acidities of MCM-41 modified with MoO3 on adsorptive desulfurization of gasoline

Applied Surface Science, Volume 263,15 December 2012, Pages 1-7

Xinchao Shao, Xiaotong Zhang, Wenguang Yu, Yuye Wu, Yucai Qin, Zhaolin Sun, Lijuan Song


23 Modeling of altered layer formation during reactive ion etching of GaAs

Applied Surface Science, Volume 263,15 December 2012, Pages 626-632

A. Mutzke, A. Rai, R. Schneider, E.J. Angelin, R. Hippler


22 Ion contributions to gas–surface interactions in inductively-coupled fluorocarbon plasmas

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Volumes 330–332,15 December 2012, Pages 46-57

Michael F. Cuddy, Joshua M. Blechle, Ellen R. Fisher


21 Coke-free direct formic acid solid oxide fuel cells operating at intermediate temperatures

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 220,15 December 2012, Pages 147-152

Yubo Chen, Chao Su, Tao Zheng, Zongping Shao


20 Preparation of sulfur-doped microporous carbons for the storage of hydrogen and carbon dioxide

Carbon, Volume 50, Issue 15, December 2012, Pages 5543-5553

Yongde Xia, Yanqiu Zhu, Yi Tang


19 NbF5 additive improves hydrogen release from magnesium borohydride

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 23, December 2012, Pages 17671-17677

Ahmad Al–Kukhun, Hyun Tae Hwang, Arvind Varma


18 Hydrogen supersaturation in thermophilic mixed culture fermentation

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 23, December 2012, Pages 17809-17816

Fang Zhang, Yan Zhang, Man Chen, Raymond J. Zeng


17 Synthesis and hydrogen storage thermodynamics and kinetics of Mg(AlH4)2 submicron rods

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 23, December 2012, Pages 18148-18154

Yongfeng Liu, Yuepeng Pang, Xin Zhang, Yifan Zhou, Mingxia Gao, Hongge Pan


16 Understanding the effect of Sm2O3 and CeO2 promoters on the structure and activity of Rh/Al2O3 catalysts in methane steam reforming

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 296, December 2012, Pages 86-98

R.B. Duarte, M. Nachtegaal, J.M.C. Bueno, J.A. van Bokhoven


15 Partial oxidation of ethanol on vanadia catalysts on supporting oxides with different redox properties compared to propane

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 296, December 2012, Pages 120-131

Benjamin Beck, Manuel Harth, Neil G. Hamilton, Carlos Carrero, John J. Uhlrich, Annette Trunschke, Shamil Shaikhutdinov, Helmut Schubert, Hans-Joachim Freund, Robert Schlögl, Joachim Sauer, Reinhard Schomäcker


14 A rotary reactor for thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition on powders and small objects

Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 213, December 2012, Pages 183-191

Delphine Longrie, Davy Deduytsche, Jo Haemers, Kris Driesen, Christophe Detavernier


13 Cu/SiO2 hybrid catalysts containing HZSM-5 with enhanced activity and stability for selective hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to ethylene glycol

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volumes 445–446,28 November 2012, Pages 287-296

Haiqiang Lin, Xinlei Zheng, Zhe He, Jianwei Zheng, Xinping Duan, Youzhu Yuan


12 Pyrolysis of wood, cellulose, lignin–brominated epoxy oligomer flame retardant mixtures

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online28 November 2012

Zsuzsanna Czégény, Emma Jakab, Marianne Blazsó


11 Analysis of optimal conditions for adsorptive hydrogen storage in microporous solids

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online19 November 2012

Nuno Bimbo, Valeska P. Ting, Jessica E. Sharpe, Timothy J. Mays


10 The influence of start–stop transient velocity on the friction and wear behaviour of a hyper-eutectic Al–Si automotive alloy

Wear, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online16 November 2012

J.C. Walker, T.J. Kamps, R.J.K. Wood


9 How surface and textural properties affect the behaviour of Mn-based catalysts during transesterification reaction to produce biodiesel

Catalysis Today, Volume 195, Issue 1,15 November 2012, Pages 32-43

C. Cannilla, G. Bonura, F. Arena, E. Rombi, F. Frusteri


8 Effect of potassium-doping on the microstructure development in polyfurfuryl alcohol – derived activated carbon

Carbon, Volume 50, Issue 14, November 2012, Pages 5278-5285

Hongxin Zhang, Vinay V. Bhat, Peter X. Feng,CristianI.Contescu, Nidia C. Gallego


7 Mechano-chemical synthesis of manganese borohydride (Mn(BH4)2) and inverse cubic spinel (Li2MnCl4) in the (nLiBH4 + MnCl2) (n = 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 23) mixtures and their dehydrogenation behavior

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 21, November 2012, Pages 16056-16069

R.A. Varin, L. Zbroniec, M. Polanski, Y. Filinchuk, R. Černý


6 Support and alloy effects on activity and product selectivity for ethanol steam reforming over supported nickel cobalt catalysts

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 21, November 2012, Pages 16321-16332

Luwei Chen, Catherine Kai Shin Choong, Ziyi Zhong, Lin Huang, Zhan Wang, Jianyi Lin


5 Preparation and corrosion behavior of electrodeposited Ni–TiN composite coatings

International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Volume 35, November 2012, Pages 295-299

Fafeng Xia, Chao Liu, Chunhua Ma, Dianqing Chu, Liang Miao


4 The use of Short Time on Stream (STOS) transient kinetics to investigate the role of hydrogen in enhancing NOx reduction over silver catalysts

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 295, November 2012, Pages 223-231

Sarayute Chansai, Robbie Burch, Christopher Hardacre


3 Effect of feed gas composition on the separation of CO2/CH4 mixtures by PES-SAPO 34-HMA mixed matrix membranes

Journal of Membrane Science, Volumes 417–418,1 November 2012, Pages 45-51

Ulgen Cakal, Levent Yilmaz, Halil Kalipcilar


2 Facile synthesis of efficient photocatalytic tantalum nitride nanoparticles

Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 47, Issue 11, November 2012, Pages 3605-3611

Zheng Wang, Jiangting Wang, Jungang Hou, Kai Huang, Shuqiang Jiao, Hongmin Zhu


1 A gas micropreconcentrator for low level acetone measurements

Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 52, Issue 11, November 2012, Pages 2640-2646

A. Rydosz, W. Maziarz, T. Pisarkiewicz, K. Domański, P. Grabiec