ScienceDirect Oct – Dec 2014

Recent Publications that reference Hiden products


1. Monolithic catalysts for methane steam reforming intensification: Experimental and numerical investigations

Fuel, Volume 138, 15 December 2014, Pages 80-90

Vincenzo Palma, Marino Miccio, Antonio Ricca, Eugenio Meloni, Paolo Ciambelli


2. Facile fabrication and improved carbon dioxide tolerance of a novel bilayer-structured ceramic oxygen permeating membrane

Journal of Membrane Science, Volume 472, 15 December 2014, Pages 10-18

Zhenbao Zhang, Dengjie Chen, Yubo Chen, Yong Hao, Moses O. Tade, Zongping Shao


3. Low temperature catalytic oxidation of H2S over V2O5/CeO2catalysts

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 39, Issue 36, 12 December 2014, Pages 21524-21530

Palma, D. Barba


4. Effects of the temperature and beam parameters on depth profiles in X-ray photoelectron spectrometry and secondary ion mass spectrometry under C60+–Ar+cosputtering

Analytica Chimica Acta, Volume 852, 10 December 2014, Pages 129-136

Hua-Yang Liao, Meng-Hung Tsai, Wei-Lun Kao, Ding-Yuan Kuo, Jing-Jong Shyue


5. Aluminum oxide as a dual-functional modifier of Ni-based anodes of solid oxide fuel cells for operation on simulated biogas

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 268, 5 December 2014, Pages 787-793

Feng Wang, Wei Wang, Ran Ran, Moses O. Tade, Zongping Shao


6. A series of copper-free ternary oxide catalysts ZnAlCexused for hydrogen production via dimethyl ether steam reforming

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 268, 5 December 2014, Pages 331-340

Lijie Zhang, Ming Meng, Xiaojing Wang, Shuang Zhou, Lijuan Yang, Tianyong Zhang, Lirong Zheng, Jing Zhang, Tiandou Hu


7. Microstructure change and deuterium permeation behavior of the yttrium oxide coating prepared by MOCVD

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 39, Issue 35, 3 December 2014, Pages 20305-20312

Yunyi Wu, Di He, Shuai Li, Xiaopeng Liu, Shumao Wang, Lijun Jiang


8. Thermal transformations of 2-chlorophenol on a surface of ZnO powder catalyst

Catalysis Today, Volume 238, December 2014, Pages 111-117

Jia Gao, Andrew V. Teplyakov


9. Hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming process using CaO-Zr/Ni bifunctional sorbent–catalyst

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, Volume 86, December 2014, Pages 96-103

Hamid R. Radfarnia, Maria C. Iliuta


10. Ni-Mg-Al solid basic layered double oxide catalysts prepared using surfactant-assisted coprecipitation method for CO2reforming of CH4

Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Volume 35, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 1955-1971

Pengjia Tan, Zhihua Gao, Chaofeng Shen, Yali Du, Xiaodong Li, Wei Huang


11. Role of aggregated Fe oxo species in N2O decomposition over Fe/ZSM-5

Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Volume 35, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 1972-1981

Bo Zhang, Fudong Liu, Hong He, Li Xue


12. A new facility for studying plasma interacting with flowing liquid lithium surface

Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 89, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 2864-2867

Cao, W. Ou, S. Tian, C. Wang, Z. Zhu, J. Wang, F. Gou, D. Yang, S. Chen


13. Knudsen cell and smog chamber study of the heterogeneous uptake of sulfur dioxide on Chinese mineral dust

Journal of Environmental Sciences, Volume 26, Issue 12, 1 December 2014, Pages 2423-2433

Li Zhou, Weigang Wang, Yanbo Gai, Maofa Ge


14. A design for a pinhole scanning helium microscope

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, Volume 340, 1 December 2014, Pages 76-80

Barr, A. Fahy, A. Jardine, J. Ellis, D. Ward, D.A. MacLaren, W. Allison, P.C. Dastoor


15. The dissociation-induced displacement of chemisorbed O2by mobile O atoms and the autocatalytic recombination of O due to chain fragmentation on Ag(110)

Surface Science, Volume 630, December 2014, Pages 187-194

Eric Klobas, Martin Schmid, Cynthia M. Friend, Robert J. Madix


16. Investigations on residual chemical contamination on machining aluminum components of turbo molecular pumps

Vacuum, Volume 110, December 2014, Pages 7-18

Andrea Vinci, Bernard Pelissier, Catherine Le Guet, Hervé Fontaine, Rainer Mathes, René-Louis Inglebert


17. Growth of CdS thin films on indium coated glass substrates via chemical bath deposition and subsequent air annealing

Applied Surface Science, Volume 320, 30 November 2014, Pages 309-314

Biswajit Ghosh, Kamlesh Kumar, Balwant Kr Singh, Pushan Banerjee, Subrata Das


18. Deactivation of Ni2P/SiO2catalyst in hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene

Applied Surface Science, Volume 320, 30 November 2014, Pages 643-652

Jixiang Chen, Donghui Ci, Qing Yang, Kelun Li


19. Fabrication and electrochemical characterization of amorphous lithium iron silicate thin films as positive electrodes for lithium batteries

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 266, 15 November 2014, Pages 179-185

Quinzeni, S. Ferrari, E. Quartarone, D. Capsoni, M. Caputo, A. Goldoni, P. Mustarelli, M. Bini


20. A comparative study of catalytic dehydrogenation of perhydro-N-ethylcarbazole over noble metal catalysts

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 39, Issue 33, 11 November 2014, Pages 18976-18983

Ming Yang, Yuan Dong, Shunxin Fei, Hanzhong Ke, Hansong Cheng


21. WO3-based catalysts prepared by non-hydrolytic sol-gel for the production of propene by cross-metathesis of ethene and 2-butene

Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 488, November 2014, Pages 200-207

Surasa Maksasithorn, Piyasan Praserthdam, Kongkiat Suriye, Michel Devillers, Damien P. Debecker


22. The mechanism of the CH4/O2reaction on the Pd–Pt/γ-Al2O3catalyst: A SSITKA study

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 160–161, November 2014, Pages 298-306

Marek Rotko, Andrzej Machocki, Grzegorz Słowik


23. Investigating the promotional effect of methanol on the low temperature SCR reaction on Ag/Al2O3

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 160–161, November 2014, Pages 356-364

Sarayute Chansai, Robbie Burch, Christopher Hardacre, Daniel Norton, Xiaoying Bao, Larry Lewis


24. Effect of doping the nitrogen into carbon nanotubes on the activity of NiO catalysts for the oxidation removal of toluene

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 160–161, November 2014, Pages 716-721

Shujuan Jiang, Eric Storr Handberg, Fen Liu, Yuting Liao, Huayu Wang, Zhe Li, Shaoqing Song


25. TPR–TPD–TPO studies on CGO/NiO and CGO/CuO ceramics obtained from freeze-dried precursors

Ceramics International, Volume 40, Issue 9, Part B, November 2014, Pages 15175-15182

Marrero-Jerez, A. Murugan, I.S. Metcalfe, P. Núñez


26. The effect of alcohol concentration on the mass signal of CO2detected by differential mass spectrometry

Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 48, November 2014, Pages 10-12

Wei Chen, Qian Tao, Jun Cai, Yan-Xia Chen


27. H2S purification from biogas by direct selective oxidation to sulfur on V2O5–CeO2structured catalysts

Fuel, Volume 135, 1 November 2014, Pages 99-104

Palma, D. Barba


28. Control of copper particles deposition in mesoporous SBA-15 silica by modified CVD method
Inorganica Chimica Acta, Volume 423, Part A, 1 November 2014, Pages 145-151

Tsoncheva, A. Gallo, I. Genova, I. Spassova, M. Marelli, M. Dimitrov, M. Khristova, G. Atanasova, D. Kovacheva, D. Nihtyanova, V. Dal Santo


29. Chemical transformations of acetone on ZnO powder

Journal of Catalysis, Volume 319, November 2014, Pages 136-141

Jia Gao, Andrew V. Teplyakov


30. Highly active behaviors of CeO2–CrOxmixed oxide catalysts in deep oxidation of 1,2-dichloroethane

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Volume 393, 1 November 2014, Pages 75-83

Peng Yang, Zhonghua Meng, Shanshan Yang, Zhinan Shi, Renxian Zhou


31. Coking suppression in solid oxide fuel cells operating on ethanol by applying pyridine as fuel additive

Journal of Power Sources, Volume 265, 1 November 2014, Pages 20-29

Wei Wang, Feng Wang, Ran Ran, Hee Jung Park, Doh Won Jung, Chan Kwak, Zongping Shao


32. Structure evolution and properties of TiAlCN/VCN coatings deposited by reactive HIPIMS

Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 257, 25 October 2014, Pages 38-47

Eh. Hovsepian, A.P. Ehiasarian, I. Petrov


33. Catalytic activity and characterizations of Ni/K2TixOy–Al2O3catalyst for steam methane reforming

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 39, Issue 31, 22 October 2014, Pages 17645-17655

So Yun Lee, Hankwon Lim, Hee Chul Woo


34. Morphology effect of Ru/CeO2catalysts for the catalytic combustion of chlorobenzene

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volumes 158–159, October 2014, Pages 96-105

Hao Huang, Qiguang Dai, Xingyi Wang


35. Hydrogen uptake and diffusion in Callovo-Oxfordian clay rock for nuclear waste disposal technology

Applied Geochemistry, Volume 49, October 2014, Pages 168-177

Fabrizio Bardelli, Claudia Mondelli, Mathilde Didier, Jenny G. Vitillo, Demetrio R. Cavicchia, Jean-Charles Robinet, Laura Leone, Laurent Charlet


36. Deuterium depth profile quantification in a ASDEX Upgrade divertor tile using secondary ion mass spectrometry

Applied Surface Science, Volume 315, 1 October 2014, Pages 459-466

Ghezzi, R. Caniello, D. Giubertoni, M. Bersani, A. Hakola, M. Mayer, V. Rohde, M. Anderle, ASDEX Upgrade team


37. Structure, sinterability, chemical stability and conductivity of proton-conducting BaZr0.6M0.2Y0.2O3−δelectrolyte membranes: The effect of the M dopant

Journal of Membrane Science, Volume 467, 1 October 2014, Pages 100-108

Yu Liu, Ran Ran, Moses O. Tade, Zongping Shao


38. Effect of reduction temperature on Ru–Ir/ZnO catalyst for selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Volume 392, October 2014, Pages 89-96

Qin Yu, Xuanyu Zhang, Bo Li, Jiqing Lu, Gengshen Hu, Aiping Jia, Ceqi Luo, Qinghong Hong, Yupeng Song, Mengfei Luo


39. Symbiotic CeH2.73/CeO2catalyst: A novel hydrogen pump

Nano Energy, Volume 9, October 2014, Pages 80-87

Huai-Jun Lin, Jia-Jun Tang, Qian Yu, Hui Wang, Liu-Zhang Ouyang, Yu-Jun Zhao, Jiang-Wen Liu, Wei-Hua Wang, Min Zhu