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What We Do

Take a look at our company video to learn more about our people, our instruments and the range of applications they are used for. 


About Us

We design, develop and manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers for advanced research applications and specialist process monitoring.

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What we Do

We design, develop and manufacture mass spectrometers for a wide range of applications:

Gas Analysis

Real time gas analysers that address the broadest application range.


Catalysis and Thermal Analysis

Automated micro reactors and mass spectrometers for catalyst researchers.

Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering

RGA, plasma ion analysis, surface analysis and SIMS end point detection.

Residual Gas Analysis

Analysis of gas and vapor species in vacuum chambers and processes.

Surface Analysis

Surface analysis, UHV surface analysis, SIMS & SNMS.

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Why Use SIMS Imaging for Depth Profiling?

Why Use SIMS Imaging for Depth Profiling?

Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is advantageous for its high sensitivity and the ability to provide high spatial resolution elemental and molecular information as a function of depth. This makes SIMS imaging an essential tool for depth profiling, where samples'...

Why is SIMS good for Tribofilm analysis

Why is SIMS good for Tribofilm analysis

What are tribofilms? Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, SIMS can be used to analyse the solid surface layer that forms when materials rub against each other in the presence of a lubricant. The boundary lubricant film, or tribofilm film, is a result of complex chemistry...

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