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For qualitative and quantitative gas/vapour analysis

The analysis of gases and vapours is critical to many processes within the chemical industry. Hiden gas analysis systems are used in a diverse range of applications where detailed analysis of gas reactions and gas composition is paramount. Outstanding features of the Hiden QIC series gas analysers include the capability for multiple species analysis in real time with 9 orders of dynamic range providing concentration measurement over the range PPB to 100%.



Applications addressed by Hiden gas analysis systems include real time measurement for research in catalysis, energy, fuel cells, hydrogen, methane, ethanol, volatile organic compounds VOC’s, and bio fuels.

Hiden gas analysis systems are configured to provide for both transient fast event studies measuring > 5 decade changes in gas concentration in < 200 milli seconds, and may also be configured for longer term reactor monitoring where continuous analysis can be for days or weeks at a time, in fermentation for example.

Multi stream gas analysers are available for monitoring both the inlet and outlet streams of reactors. Hiden offers a range of multi stream options, with sampling of up to 80 streams per system.