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Products for Gas Analysis

Trusted to deliver specialist gas analysis solutions worldwide, Hiden Analytical is one of the industry-leading gas analyser manufacturers for precision applications. Here you will find a full list of our mass spectrometry solutions for gas analysis applications.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Hiden Analytical team for more information on our bespoke gas analysis products.

QGA 2.0

QGA 2.0

This new system builds upon the solid foundation of our original QGA system, incorporating significant enhancements for improved performance and ease of use. The QGA 2.0 is lighter, more user-friendly, environmentally considerate, and packed with powerful features.

HPR-20 R&D

Advanced, high sensitivity bench top and mobile gas mass range options. Integrated gas mixing panel accessories and 5 ppb ultimate detection limit.


Compact bench top gas analysis system for evolved gas and vapor studies from thermogravimetric analysis ( TGA’s ) featuring a range of dedicated TGA interfaces to couple to all TGA systems.


Fast response transient gas analysis system featuring dedicated pulse ion counting detector for sub 200 msecs response to ppm/% level gas concentration changes.



Gas analysis system that is configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapors at pressures near atmosphere in standard form. The mass spectrometer includes ultra-high resolution mode specifically designed for analysis at low masses for hydrogen isotopes and light gases.


The Hiden HPR-20 EPIC gas analysis system is configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapors at pressures near atmosphere. The system includes the Hiden EPIC triple filter mass spectrometer including a high gain pulse ion counting electron multiplier detector with positive and negative ion detection. Analysis is both by standard electron impact ionization and by appearance potential soft ionisation (APSI-MS)


The Hiden HPR-20 for OEMS is a gas analysis system configured for continuous analysis of evolved gases and vapours for analysis of evolved gases in electrochemistry as a function of the applied potential on the real-time scale.

HPR-20 S1000

Gas analysis system that is configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapors at pressures near atmosphere. The HPR-20 S1000 system includes the Hiden 3F series 1000 amu mass range triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer with dual Faraday and pulse ion counting electron multiplier detectors, with detection to 5 ppb.

QIC BioStream

Mass Spectrometers for multistream fermentation gas analysis. For connection up to 80 bioreactors, with high and low flow configurations. Features OPC connectivity for output of raw and derived values: OUR, CER, RQ for example, with up to 80 stream capability.

QIC MultiStream

Mass Spectrometers for multistream gas analysis, with sampling for up to 80 streams in high or low sample flow configurations. Features OPC connectivity for output of raw and calibrated quantitative data output.



A bench top membrane inlet mass spectrometer designed for analysis of gases, vapors and VOC’s in liquids, sea water, estuary, soil core and headspace. Options include cuvettes, single and multiple inlets, cells for differential electrochemistry mass spectroscopy ( DEMS ) and enzymes kinetics probes.

pQA portable quadrupole analyser

pQA Portable Quadrupole Analyser

Engineered for complete portability, the pQA Portable Quadrupole Analyser is a unique gas analysis solution for quantitative measurements of dissolved species in groundwater, fermentation cultures, soil samples, and more.



The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS is a bench top or mobile cart mounted module for analysis of dissolved species in electrochemistry. The system is modular and adaptable. The system includes two differential electrochemical mass spectrometry ‘DEMS’ cell inlets, designed for material/catalysis studies, cell type A, and electrochemical reaction studies, cell type B.


The HPR-60 MBMS (molecular beam mass spectrometer) is optimised for the analysis of both positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) ions, as well as neutral and radicals, making it a robust solution for plasma and combustion analysis.


Capable of measuring the concentration of gases and vapours of low volume samples, the HPR-70 is ideal for discrete sample analysis, sealed volume studies, and local analysis of bulk gases.


Sealed package gas analyzer with integral package cracker for lamp gas studies. PPB sensitivity for gas and vapors in hermetically sealed packages.

LAS Leak Analysis System


A unique dedicated system for leak analysis of sealed packages. The system is automated for simple use in quality control or R&D environments and is designed for analysing the leak tightness of small to medium size battery assemblies.

Sampling Inlets for Hiden Mass Spectrometers

Hiden Gas Analysis systems are versatile. Inlet systems are user interchangeable, allowing for transformation of your mass spectrometer to suit new or multiple application requirements.


CO-A Carbon Monoxide Analyser

Designed for gas analysis applications of syngas, biogas and catalysis studies where levels of CO are analysed by the CO-A in the presence of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and other gas mixtures.

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