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Designed for analysis of gases, vapours and VOCs in liquids

Hiden Analytical offers class-leading gas monitoring solutions designed to obtain and quantify complex species in liquid samples. Our ultra-precision HPR-40 DSA is a compact membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS) and a versatile instrument suited to dissolved and evolved species analysis. Direct probes, flow through probes and circular membrane cells are available to address a broad application range in sediment, sea water, sludge and groundwater studies.


Membrane inlet mass spectrometry is a tried-and-trusted technique for resolving dissolved gas species from liquid samples. It is routinely employed in environmental monitoring applications such as the analysis of groundwater to quantify low-level pollutants, or recreational applications where disinfectant by-products (DBPs) could be harmful to the health and wellbeing of swimmers.

The Hiden HPR-40 DSA can monitor gas species in liquids at the sub-parts per billion (ppb) level with a standard mass range of 200 amu for dissolved species. Exceptionally precise, this bench-top membrane inlet mass spectrometer is uniquely suited to gas monitoring applications where extremely low levels of concentration monitoring are critical to success.

The Hiden HPR-40 MIMS system is versatile and available with a broad range of sampling inlets addressing application with small volume samples, in denitrification studies for example.

Specialist polymer membranes, Hiden X44 provides for unparalleled sensitivity for the analysis of rare earth gases, helium, krypton and Xenon in groundwater geochronology. The X44 membrane is used in our large circular membrane cell.

The HPR-40 DEMS instrument is available for dissolved gases in electrochemistry studies, CO2 reduction for example.

Gas Monitoring with Hiden Analytical

Hiden Analytical is one of the world’s leading developers of gas monitoring solutions based on finely tailored mass spectrometry solutions. If you would like more information about the specifications of our membrane inlet mass spectrometers, or want to request a quote, simply contact us today.