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Webinars Upcoming & Past Webinars

Hiden Analytical will be sponsoring a number of webinars in 2020 & 2021 including those listed below. Further individual posts regarding those of particular interest will be put up in due course.

For further information, or to suggest any other webinars that may be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

December 2021
15th DecemberMagnetic oxides for water oxidation: magnetization, pinning effect, and pH dependenceECS
1st DecemberDesign and Manufacture of Solid State Batteries towards Low CostECS
November 2021
25th NovemberPast, present and future of Gas Aggregation Source for Nanoparticle Synthesis - A unique tool for fundamental studies and applications
17th NovemberHow Molecular Catalysts mediate the Electrochemical Generation of FuelsECS
15th NovemberFermilab: a future built on international engagement
Mid-November TBCRoad map on Quantum Nanotechnologies Webinar
2nd NovemberNanocolumnar films: applications in medicine, energy and aerospaceIUVSTA
October 2021
27th OctoberFrom order to disorder: NMR insights into ionic conduction in battery materialsECS
September 2021
22nd SeptemberMolecular Engineering of Photoinduced Charge SeparationECS
15th SeptemberElectrochemistry and Couple Chemo-Mechanical Phenomena in Batteries Beyond IntercalationECS
August 2021
26th AugustPlasma-surface interactions for advance semiconductor processingIUVSTA
25th AugustElectrochemistry-based and -coupled characterization of energy storage materialsECS
18th -19th AugustExciting developments in photochemistry and electrochemistry for synthesisSCI
18th AugustWater-mediated Intercalation Mechanisms in Transition Metal OxidesECS
July 2021
28th JulyThermodynamic origins of reaction heterogeneity in lithium battery electrodesECS
14th JulyApplication of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in Lithium Ion Batteries (Chock Karuppaiah)ECS
June 2021
30th JuneFuture Circular Collider (FCC) studyCERN
23rd JuneMicrofluidic systems for the skin: Quantitative sensing of biomarkers in sweatECS
16th JuneNitride Quantum light sourcesQuantum Week/Physics World
15th JuneTales of no-quite-probability distributionQuantum Week/Physics World
April 2021
21st AprilThe Development of New Ionic Electrolytes for Energy Storage DevicesECS
14th AprilPhysics of Dopant Emission to Harness the Rainbow Emission of NanocrystalsECS
March 2021
11th MarchThe CERN Quantum Technology InitiativeCERN
10th MarchGraphene and its supercapacitor applicationsECS
February 2021
24th FebruaryNext-generation batteries for electric vehicles and stationary storageECS
10th FebruaryMicrobiologically influenced corrosion: tips, myths, skillsECS
3rd FebruaryFrom CERN technologies to medical applicationsCERN
January 2021
13th JanuaryOxygen and Carbon Monoxide Electrocatalysis for Renewable Energy ConversionECS
December 2020
16th DecemberDurable perovskite solar cellsECS
2nd DecemberWithout sound and fury, signifying something: acoustics and batteriesECS
November 2020
11th NovemberElectrochemistry in Rechargeable Lithium Metal BatteriesECS
June 2020
24th JuneElectrochemical CO2 Reduction: Path Towards a Carbon Neutral Chemical Industry
17th JuneIntricacies of High-Energy Cathodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesECS