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Webinars Upcoming & Past Webinars

Hiden Analytical will be sponsoring a number of webinars in 2020 & 2021 including those listed below. Further individual posts regarding those of particular interest will be put up in due course.

For further information, or to suggest any other webinars that may be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

August 2023
2nd AugustModel-based battery management systems for current and next-generation batteriesECS
January 2023
26th JanuaryThe axion search programme at DESYCERN Courier
17th JanuarySLAC at 60: past, present, futureCERN Courier
December 2022
7th DecemberUnderstanding and Improving Electrochemical CO2 CaptureECS
November 2022
16th NovemberCorrosion studies in support of long-term management of Canadian nuclear wasteECS
4th NovemberHybrid quantum opto- and electromechanical systemsIOP Physics World
3rd NovemberPurifying the demon: does quantum erasure cost more than you remember?IOP Physics World
3rd NovemberQuantum sensors for new-physics discoveriesIOP Physics World
1st NovemberPerspectives on societal aspects and impacts of quantum technologiesIOP Physics World
October 2022
31st OctoberScalable integration of quantum emitters into photonic integrated circuitsIOP Physics World
26th OctoberLow-Temperature Water Electrolyzers – Bottlenecks, Advantages, and OutlookECS
September 2022
21st SeptemberChallenges facing conventional li-ion battery electrolytes & high-energy cathodesECS
August 2022
24th AugustThe LHC cryogenics and its adaptation to the operational parameters for beams, related physics and energy preservationCERN
July 2022
27th JulyRF technology for LHC and HL-LHCCERN
20th JulyElectrocatalysis towards Carbon NeutralityJPhys Energy
20th JulyElectrochemical Flow Reactors: Optimal Electrodes Through 3D Printing and Tomography
14th JulySuperconducting magnets: an enabling technology for the discovery of the Higgs bosonCERN
June 2022
30th JuneElectric field determination in atmospheric pressure plasmasIOPS
15th JuneHow can an efficient corrosion management assist clean energy strategies to establish a sustainable society?ECS
9th JuneEnhanced Generation of Reactive Species by Cold Plasma in Gelatin Solutions for Selective Cancer Cell DeathIOPS
8th JuneChanging the Sun: Quantum Cutting Materials to Increase the Efficiencies and Lifetimes of Silicon Solar CellsAVS
May 2022
26th MayElectron-induced dissociative excitation in H2O+, electron attachment to a proton in water by interatomic Coulombic electron capture, and positron scattering from pyrazinIOPS
26th MayPlasma Catalyst-Integrated System for Ammonia Production from H2O and N2 at Atmospheric PressureIOPS
25th Mayhttps://physicsworld.com/a/exploiting-the-synergy-between-organic-synthesis-and-electrochemistry/ECS
12th MayInductive coupling of RF discharges: Insights and optimization via modeling and experimentsIOPS
11th MayVacuum technology for mimicking cosmic-dust formation in dying starsIUVSTA
10th MayMartin Knudsen – A Pioneer in Gas FlowsIUVSTA
April 2022
28th AprilToward a diffraction limited storage-ring-based X-ray sourceCERN
28th AprilPeriodic forced flow in a nanosecond pulsed cold atmospheric pressure argon plasma jetIOPS
28th AprilModeling of High Pressure Short-Arc Xenon Discharge With a Thoriated CathodeIOPS
20th AprilElectrification and Decarbonization of Chemical SynthesisECS
14th AprilParticle-in-Cell Simulation of CCP with pulsed DC biasing at low pressure – an Industry PerspectiveIOPS
14th AprilHigh-resolution observation of cathode spots in a magnetically steered vacuum arc plasma sourceIOPS
March 2022
31st MarchIn-orbit demonstration of an iodine electric propulsion systemIOPS/OLTP
31st MarchCharacterization of a radio-frequency inductively coupled electrothermal plasma thrusterIOPS/OLTP
29th MarchMeasuring Your Level of Vacuum: A Guide to Gauge TechnologyAVS
23rd MarchHydrogen production: from imagined colours to clean realityIOP
February 2022
23rd FebruaryHydrogen's Big Shot: Where we are and where we are goingIOP
11th FebruaryUHV Design and PracticesAVS
10th FebruaryPlasma-Enhanced CVD: Fundamentals, Applications & Techniques (1 day)AVS
9th FebruaryAtomic Layer Deposition from an Applications PerspectiveAVS
8th FebruaryAtomic Layer EtchingAVS
4th FebruaryPartial Pressure Analysis with Residual Gas AnalyzersAVS
3rd FebruaryBasics of Radio Frequency Technology (1-day)AVS
1st - 2nd FebruaryPlasma Etching and RIE: Fundamentals and ApplicationsAVS
January 2022
26th JanuaryEuropean Hydrogen Programs: from Hydrogen Manifesto to Clean Energy ACTIOP
25th January Fundamental and Practical Insights on Stress Evolution During Thing Film GrowthAVS
20th JanuaryIntroduction to Bipolar High-Power Impulse Magnetron SputteringIUVTSA
December 2021
17th DecemberWomen's Perspectives in Quantum Materials
16th DecemberLinking Dry Corrosion and Catalysis e-TalkAVS
15th DecemberMagnetic oxides for water oxidation: magnetization, pinning effect, and pH dependenceECS
13th DecemberQuantum Nanotechnologies: Future Challenges and Research DirectionsIOP Science
9th DecemberArea-Selective Deposition WebinarAVS
1st DecemberDesign and Manufacture of Solid State Batteries towards Low CostECS
November 2021
25th NovemberPast, present and future of Gas Aggregation Source for Nanoparticle Synthesis - A unique tool for fundamental studies and applications
17th NovemberHow Molecular Catalysts mediate the Electrochemical Generation of FuelsECS
15th NovemberFermilab: a future built on international engagement
2nd NovemberNanocolumnar films: applications in medicine, energy and aerospaceIUVSTA
October 2021
27th OctoberFrom order to disorder: NMR insights into ionic conduction in battery materialsECS
September 2021
22nd SeptemberMolecular Engineering of Photoinduced Charge SeparationECS
15th SeptemberElectrochemistry and Couple Chemo-Mechanical Phenomena in Batteries Beyond IntercalationECS
August 2021
26th AugustPlasma-surface interactions for advance semiconductor processingIUVSTA
25th AugustElectrochemistry-based and -coupled characterization of energy storage materialsECS
18th -19th AugustExciting developments in photochemistry and electrochemistry for synthesisSCI
18th AugustWater-mediated Intercalation Mechanisms in Transition Metal OxidesECS
July 2021
28th JulyThermodynamic origins of reaction heterogeneity in lithium battery electrodesECS
14th JulyApplication of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in Lithium Ion Batteries (Chock Karuppaiah)ECS
June 2021
30th JuneFuture Circular Collider (FCC) studyCERN
23rd JuneMicrofluidic systems for the skin: Quantitative sensing of biomarkers in sweatECS
16th JuneNitride Quantum light sourcesQuantum Week/Physics World
15th JuneTales of no-quite-probability distributionQuantum Week/Physics World
April 2021
21st AprilThe Development of New Ionic Electrolytes for Energy Storage DevicesECS
14th AprilPhysics of Dopant Emission to Harness the Rainbow Emission of NanocrystalsECS
March 2021
11th MarchThe CERN Quantum Technology InitiativeCERN
10th MarchGraphene and its supercapacitor applicationsECS
February 2021
24th FebruaryNext-generation batteries for electric vehicles and stationary storageECS
10th FebruaryMicrobiologically influenced corrosion: tips, myths, skillsECS
3rd FebruaryFrom CERN technologies to medical applicationsCERN
January 2021
13th JanuaryOxygen and Carbon Monoxide Electrocatalysis for Renewable Energy ConversionECS
December 2020
16th DecemberDurable perovskite solar cellsECS
2nd DecemberWithout sound and fury, signifying something: acoustics and batteriesECS
November 2020
11th NovemberElectrochemistry in Rechargeable Lithium Metal BatteriesECS
June 2020
24th JuneElectrochemical CO2 Reduction: Path Towards a Carbon Neutral Chemical Industry
17th JuneIntricacies of High-Energy Cathodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesECS