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Software for quantitative gas and vapour analysis

QGA 2 software is an application specific software package for quantitative gas and vapour analysis providing real-time continuous analysis of up to 32 species with species concentration measured in the range 0.1 ppm to 100 %.


The QGA 2 software can be used in either single stream mode or multi-stream mode for use with multi-stream gas selection valves with up to 80 streams.

The software features easy to use calibration routines for both cracking pattern and Relative Sensitivity (RS) measurement. Analysis is performed using simple template setup routines and features automatic spectral removal algorithms and correction factor determination to output quantitative data. Integrated inputs from external devices such as CO analysers make the software versatile for a whole range of gas analysis applications.


  • Intuitive Fragment selection tool based on expected concentration
  • Automatic Multiplier Optimisation
  • LED Indication of overlapping fragments
  • Multipoint Calibration
  • Experiment specific fragment ratio assessment
  • Export on the fly
  • Real time data smoothing
  • Multiple export options
  • Analog Outputs
  • CO Analyser integration



QGA 2 Software

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