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A multi-technique UHV surface science system option providing for XPS, UPS, AES, SAM, ISS and LEIS installed on the Hiden SIMS Workstation

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy is a highly complementary technique providing atomic composition and chemical state bonding information. XPS can be used to quantify high concentrations and is thus ideal for providing calibration points for the very much more sensitive SIMS technique. 


The Hiden SIMS Workstation two-part chamber is designed specifically to mount the XPS upgrade using state-of-the-art components from SPECS® and togther with tilting sample holders allowing for both XPS and SIMS techniques on the same UHV platform without compromise.

The PHOIBOS 150 HV analyzer series is the intrument of choice for high energy XPS analysis (HAXPES). High voltage power supplies and a  highly stable analyzer design allow photoemission up to a kinectic energy of 7 keV, covering most of the existing X-ray light sources and synchrotron facilities.

This analyzer can be operated in high voltage mode and in additon in all relevant analysis modes, such as (M)XPS, UPS, as well as AES, ISS and LEISS. Its design and the modular supplementary hardware makes this analyzer the most versatile PES analyzer in the market. It can easily be upgraded with all available SPECS detection systems.

The integrated 1D-DLD detector is the best performing detection system available. The direct detection of electron signals yield quantitative counts per second (cps). The powerful electronics can aquire ultrafast snapshot measurements of the energy spectrum with up to 1200 energy channels as well as continous sweeping energy spectra. Its low dark count rate and high linearity make this detector outstanding for XPS analyis.

The analyzer comes with a highly stable power supply, the HSA 7000, for best performance in at high and medium kinetic energy range up to 7000 eV.



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