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Surface Analysis

SIMS Surface Analysis and SNMS Surface Analysis

For the determination of surface composition, contaminant analysis and depth profiling.

FIB-SIMS for Nano-Scale Materials Analysis

FIB-SIMS for Nano-Scale Materials Analysis

Add high performance SIMS capability to your existing FIB system.

Contamination with Silicone

Top monolayer specific analysis.

Electronic Materials

Depth profiling layer structures and ppm sensitivity for dopants

Flexible Solar Cell

Multicomponent complex depth profiles collecting both matrix and dopant level elements.

Isotopically Labelled Material

Depth profiling to determine ion exchange and fundamental materials research.

Surgical Stent

Imaging, depth profling and surface specific analysis to characterise the near surface.

SNMS of Magnetic Storage Materials

Depth profiling and quantified composition of alloys using SNMS.

Nuclear Materials

Identification of isotopically rich materials using bulk composition of alloys using SNMS.


Identification of molecular signals using static SIMS on powders.

Lithium Ion Battery Development

Battery Research

Detection of lithium using SIMS on FIB microscope.


Imaging and mass spectra to locate and identify surface contamination