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Environmental Monitoring

For gas reaction kinetic chemistry of atmospheric pollutants.

Dissolved Species Analysis

High sensitivity analysis of pollutants, VOCs, rare earth gases and fermentation products

Green Hydrogen

Advanced analysis for a new generation of energy production

Fuel Cells

Mass Spectrometers for fuel cell studies.

Biogas plant behind maize field


Biogas technology offers versatile controlled treatment of various organic materials, producing methane-rich biogas which can be utilised as renewable energy in various ways.

Fusion Research

Fusion fuel analysis, vacuum diagnostics and leak detection.

Volcanic Gas, Water and Sediment Analysis

Providing vital information about the levels of the rare earth gas isotopes

Denitrification Studies

Real-time analysis of bacterial respiration in anoxic environments

Oceanic Trace Gas Measurements - Ship in sea malta

Oceanic Trace Gas Measurements

Extremely low-level detection of trace gases, including Dimethylsulphide (DMS).

Enzyme activity studies_320x200px

Enzyme Activity Studies

Real-time Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Enzymatic Reactions

Groundwater studies_320x200px

Groundwater Studies

Monitoring of Water Quality in Groundwater Systems

Wastewater and Sludge Analysis_320x200px

Wastewater and Sludge Analysis

Thermal and Thermo-Chemical Pre-Treatment of Waste Residue

Swimming Pool Analysis_320x200px

Swimming Pool Water Analysis

Characterisation of Contaminant Species in Swimming Pool Water

Stable Isotope Analysis 320x200px

Stable Isotope Analysis

Quantification of Nitrogen Isotopes for Pollution Monitoring

Atmospheric Gas Reaction Kinetics

For gas reaction kinetic chemistry of atmospheric pollutants

Algae Research

Algae Research

Gas analysers aid in algae study by monitoring specific gases in their water habitat

Carbon Capture 320x200px

Carbon Capture

Characterise and refine your carbon capture processes

Carbon Capture 320x200px

Solar Voltaics

Advanced materials analysis in the development of photovoltaic layers

Algae Research

Green Ammonia

 Systems designed specifically for the complexities of green ammonia analysis