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Green Ammonia

Algae Studies
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Green Ammonia is pivotal in the transition to sustainable energy systems, offering a clean, hydrogen-based fuel source.

Its analysis, however, presents unique challenges due to the presence of water vapor, which complicates traditional mass spectrometry methods.


At Hiden Analytical, we’re at the forefront of advanced mass spectrometry, employing advanced techniques such as threshold ionisation mass spectrometry (TIMS) and systems designed specifically for the complexities of green ammonia analysis. Our solutions facilitate accurate, real-time analysis, crucial for optimizing production processes and enhancing efficiency.

Our Systems:

  • HPR-40 DEMS: Tailored for electrochemical research, this system excels in monitoring reactions in real-time, crucial for developing efficient green ammonia production methods.
  • HPR-20: Features the TIMS technique, allowing for precise detection of ammonia even in moisture-rich environments, mitigating the challenges posed by water vapor overlap.

Explore how our cutting-edge analytical tools are enabling breakthroughs in green ammonia research and production, contributing to a more sustainable future.