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Residual Gas Analysis for Vacuum Processing

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For process monitoring and leak detection

Hiden Analytical has developed a range of residual gas analysis systems to maintain strict quality assurance in vacuum processing, providing ultra-precise gas composition monitoring to improve process yields and product quality. Product configurations are available for most applications in vacuum processing.


Residual gas analysis is an umbrella term used to describe the analysis of gas and vapour species in vacuum environments. Primarily concerned with vacuum purity, residual gas analysis is readily used in leak detection, materials research, process and quality control (QA/QC), and many other areas of application. At the high-analytical scale, residual gas analysers (RGAs) are employed to detect trace level contaminants in research chambers and scanning electron microscopes (SEMs).

Residual gas analysis is fundamentally tied to the development of high-vacuum and ultra-high vacuum (HV/UHV) pressure regimes, which respectively extend below 10-5 millibar (mbar) and 10-9. At these pressure ranges, chambers are evacuated of all but trace level residuals using high pressure pumps. Additional bakeout steps may be taken to achieve a fully purified vacuum processing chamber that is free of water molecules and light gas species like hydrogen. RGAs are routinely used at partial pressures to monitor the presence of persistent species within the chamber including water, hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds.

Vacuum processing applications are often within a gas vapour environment, where – depending on the process – the process chamber pressure can be fixed or controlled from UHV though HV, and in some cases up to atmospheric pressure and higher. For these applications, the Hiden HPR-30 series differentially pumped mass spectrometers with special sampling systems are applied.

Alongside ongoing process monitoring and control, residual gas analysis is used for leak detection with user-defined search gases, supporting virtually any process operating at low pressures. Hiden Analytical supplies a selection of RGAs for myriad vacuum processing applications, from freeze drying and glass coating to proprietary semiconductor processing.

Residual Gas Analysis and Vacuum Process Monitoring with Hiden Analytical
Hiden Analytical supplies a range of RGAs for vacuum diagnostics and leak detection. We provide HPR-30 series systems with differential pumping, providing solutions for rapid residual gas analysis across the wide scope of vacuum processing applications.