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Thermal Analysis Mass Spectrometer Systems

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For evolved gas analysis as a function of time and temperature

Hiden Analytical supplies innovative thermal analysis systems and mass spectrometers configured for system integration with existing thermal analysis equipment, thermo gravimetric analysers (TGA) for example. Systems include modular microreactors with integrated mass spectrometers and mass spectrometers with advanced sampling inlets for seamless process coupling in cutting-edge materials characterization.


Thermal analysis refers to the study of materials using precise temperature-controlled programming, from thermal ramping (increasing/decreasing) to isothermal measurements. The data obtained from such studies provide detailed insights into various thermodynamic and mechanistic aspects of different materials. Generally, a chosen property is/properties are continuously measured while the sample material undergoes a predetermined thermal profile, giving an accurate picture of temperature-dependent property changes including equilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics.

Coupling thermal analysis and mass spectrometer systems enables the acquisition of evolved gas species in real-time, providing critical information regarding decomposition and desorption processes for some of the most robust thermal analyses currently available. The benefits of thermal analysis and mass spectrometer integration are self-evident, but the challenges are extensive. It is vital that dead volumes and cold spots around the coupling interface are eliminated to ensure seamless operation and guarantee the integrity of results.

Thermal Analysis with Hiden Analytical

Hiden Analytical microreactor mass spectrometers and integrated inlet probes provide complementary levels of performance for rapid, seamless gas sampling from thermal analysis systems. With outstanding sensitivity and dynamic range (100% to parts per billion levels), Hiden mass spectrometer systems provide unmatched insights into evolved gas species in line with finely calibrated thermal profiles.

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