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For Residual Gas Analysis

A Residual gas analyser for vacuum fingerprint analysis, leak detection and trend analysis. Simple intuitive software provides for real time data acquisition, presentation and storage.



Residual gas analysers provide a wealth of extra information about the health of your vacuum compared to total pressure gauges for example.

Leak detection can be used with any search gas, helium or argon are typically favoured in the laboratory.

Water vapour and hydrocarbon contamination are readily detected. The specificity , speed and dynamic range make residual gas analysers one of the most useful gauges for vacuum diagnostics.

The HALO RGA Residual Gas Analysers are available with mass range options of 100, 200 or 300 amu with Faraday detector providing detection to 2×10-11mbar and dual Faraday / secondary electron multiplier (SEM) detectors with detection to 2×10-13 mbar.


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The system is supplied with MASsoft Professional software.

This Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible software allows control of the instrument via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet. Provides comprehensive I/O for data output and for reading data from external devices for integration and display with mass spectrometer data.

The iRGA software is a new and intuitive application for routine vacuum monitoring. It is designed to be simple and automatic.

  • automatically provides partial pressure data for the common residual gas and vapours, including hydrogen, helium, water, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and a custom gas.
  • includes a new tablet view where the background colour changes depending on alarm condition
  • includes a trend view, scan, leak detection and maintenance modes
  • includes alarm function to send alerts to internal I/O, Wi-Fi and by email