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ToF-qSIMS Workstation

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Innovative Time of Flight Quadrupole SIMS System

The Hiden TOF-qSIMS system is designed for surface analysis and depth profiling applications of a wide range of materials including polymers, pharmaceuticals, superconductors, semiconductors, alloys, optical and functional coatings and dielectrics, with measurement of trace components to sub-ppm levels.


The new Hiden TOF, time of flight analyser enhances SIMS to give the user the best of the dynamic range from high performance quadrupole SIMS together with the advantages of parallel data collection and molecular fragment analysis from time of flight SIMS, TOF-SIMS.

The TOF-qSIMS capability enables hyperspectral imaging for spatially resolved detailed materials analysis.

The TOF-qSIMS system offers the comprehensive capabilities of static TOF-SIMS, and high dynamic range depth profiling from the quadrupole SIMS.

Fully integrated and optimised for high performance SIMS analysis, the TOF-qSIMS Workstation system includes a multi-port UHV chamber, TOF-SIMS analyser, Hiden’s MAXIM quadrupole SIMS analyser, IG20 gas primary ion gun, a Cs metal Ion gun and a sample holder designed to accommodate the broadest sample range.  High sensitivity SNMS mode is included for quantitative analysis of metallurgical thin films, conductive and non-conductive oxides and other alloy materials and coatings. Facilities for SIMS enhancement including oxygen flood, electron charge neutralization and vacuum bakeout are included as standard.

The SIMS Mapper PC software option provides for mapping with 2D and 3D view capability over the sample area. Electronic gating is included for optimised high dynamic range depth profiling. The TOF SIMS analysis capability includes full spectral analysis, pixel by pixel across the sample image.

 The SIMS PC data system, MASsoft Professional, includes a simple user-configurable interface for control and data acquisition, including set up and control of the primary ion beam rastering for surface analysis and depth profile applications.


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The SIMS Mapper software provides a simple, but powerful, user interface to the SIMS tool.  The species to be analysed are chosen from a period table view, with mass interferences highlighted, and the data are collected as images throughout the analysis.  For depth profiles the gated area can be defined after analysis and images may be stacked to reconstruct the concentration profile in three dimensions.  For less experienced operators, or in a production environment, analyses can be run from previously stored templates and fully automated “queued” running is possible with the automatic stage option.  A range of data export formats allows results to be used by other software packages for enhanced display or processing.

  • 3D imaging
  • depth profiling with highly flexible gating
  • simple choice of species
  • easy set-up for inexperienced users yet full control for experts
  • large live interactive image and depth profile windows
  • export in .csv and proprietary formats