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Thin Film Optical Coating

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Vacuum diagnostics and control of thin film coating processes

Residual gas analysers provide vital information to enhance quality, and production of thin film optical coatings. Hiden RGA measure the reactive species for process control and provide for contamination monitoring and leak detection.


Control of the critical reactive components in thin film optical coating , the oxygen/nitrogen partial pressure ratio for example is vital for high quality thin film production with day to day consistency.

Hiden systems include comprehensive industry standard data interface options to allow integration for automated production control. Water vapour, hydrocarbons and leaks are detected by Hiden residual gas analysers with extremely high sensitivity, allowing production supervision. The Hiden range of residual gas analysers includes systems for monitoring many processing production techniques including evaporation, plasma, CVD, and magnetron sputtering.

Vacuum coating processes used in the production of thin film optical coatings are optimised at different pressure ranges, with some processes operating at < 5X10-3mbar, and others operating at pressures as high a mbar or higher.