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What We Do

Hiden Analytical manufactures quadrupole mass spectrometers.

Our quadrupole mass spectrometers are available in a broad range of configurations for gas / vapour analysis, residual gas analysis, plasma ion analysis, UHV surface science , thermal analysis and surface analysis. Hiden mass spectrometers are configured for mass ranges:100, 200, 300, 510, 1000, 2500 and 5000 AMU, providing for analysis of the widest variety of volatile organic, metal organic and inorganic compounds. Hiden mass spectrometer control software provides for fast real time data acquisition over 10 decades dynamic range.

Our bespoke design service provides for client interactive development of solutions to meet specific requirements.


Our quadrupoles provide analysis of :

  • Residual gases and vapours in vacuum and ultra high vacuum
  • Gases and vapour in vacuum process, in process at pressures up to atmospheric pressure, and in processes with pressure up to 30bar
  • Volatile organic vapours
  • Metal vapours
  • Metal organic vapours
  • Dissolved species in liquids
  • Plasma ions, neutrals and radicals
  • Secondary ions in SIMS surface analysis
  • Species analysed as ions, positive and negative, neutral and neutral radical species



How we analyse :

  • Advanced mass spectrometric techniques coupled with sampling systems that enable sensitive, stable and high resolution results
  • Capillary inlet – Quartz inert capillary-QIC
  • Multiple stream analysis
  • Direct orifice sampling
  • Molecular beam supersonic sampling
  • Cross beam source sampling
  • Solid insertion probe
  • Dissolved species probe
  • Custom engineered systems for special applications



What the results tell us :

  • Species identification in conjunction with library database information
  • Quantitative partial pressure measurement
  • Accurate Quantitative gas composition measurement
  • Trend analysis – transients analysed at millisecond rates, time resolved measurements in pulsed processes measured in the microsecond time frame
  • Concentration of dissolved gases in liquids
  • Direct analysis of vapour/solid interactions
  • End point detection in ion beam etch applications
  • Depth profile information from our SIMS analysers
  • Elemental mapping and surface imaging from our SIMS analysers
  • Static SIMS for surface contamination analysis