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Gas Analysis

Volcanic Gas, Water and Sediment Analysis

Providing vital information about the levels of the rare earth gas isotopes

Green Hydrogen

Advanced analysis for a new generation of energy production

Carbon Capture

Characterise and refine your carbon capture processes

Fermentation/Bio Reactor Monitoring

For direct information on gas uptake and for dissolved output rates

Gas Production and Storage

For analysis of gases and vapours from gas production and storage facilities

Gas Separation Studies

For analysis of gases and vapours from gas separation technologies

Glovebox Monitoring

Measurement and monitoring of glovebox environment

High Purity Gas Analysis

For industrial and research applications

Human Breath Analysis

For real-time studies of low concentration compounds in Human Breath for research applications

Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium Analyses

Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium Analyses

Mud logging (oil exploration)

Mass spectrometers for mud logging (oil exploration) applications

Dissolved Species Analysis

High Sensitivity analysis of pollutants, VOCs, rare earth gases and fermentation products