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Gas Separation Studies

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For analysis of gases and vapours from gas separation technologies

The study of the gas dynamics of the key species involved in gas separation technologies including: hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.


Efficient gas separation techniques are essential for many applications in the petrochemical, environmental, and gas storage industries.

Reducing CO2 emissions from human activity is vital for reducing our impact on climate change.
Many research projects around the world are working on new techniques for capturing CO2, storing it, and for finding ways or using it productively .

Techniques in the purification, separation and treatment of flue gases as well as natural, synthetic and biogases are being developed, and backed by the world’s leading academic and corporate research centres.

Examples include developing technology to separate methane and CO2 effectively and in an energy-efficient manner. The resulting CO2-free biogas is green and can be put back into the supply grid. The remaining pure methane can be marketed by farms and market gardens. The technology has now advanced far enough to be demonstrated in a pilot scheme.
Removing CO2 and H2S from biogas is another challenge.

Hiden’s real time gas analysers provide for fast, wide dynamic range, multi-gas analysis of the key species involved in gas separation technologies, including hydrogen, methane