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A gas analyzer is an analytical instrument used to determine the concentration of a known gas in an atmosphere that contains various gases. The typical purpose of a gas analyzer is to improve safety, quality, and efficiency, and to monitor the process and emissions. This blog post will outline some applications of gas analyzers in more detail.

Outlining the Applications of a Gas Analyzer

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are commonly found in the automotive sector, and their use has been increasing recently due to their potential as a sustainable energy system. Research is still required in order for fuel cells to be an efficient solution. A gas analyzer is an essential tool for fuel cell research to reduce the risk of fuel cell contamination and emission levels.

A gas analyzer can be used to determine what gases are contaminating a fuel cell in order to reduce their concentration; the instrument will also provide a clear outline of the emission levels in order to improve them.

Gas Analyzers from Hiden Analytical provide a variety of advantages over other gas analysis techniques for fuel cells. Our products have a rapid response time, repeatability, linearity, and a wide dynamic range.


Various studies within the health industries analyze the low-level compounds within human breath. Typical sectors include human physiology, medicine, and sports science.

Gas analyzers are used to determine the compounds that are present in the breath, which can be indicators of various stressors, diseases, or physiological changes.

Hiden Analytical gas analyzers are beneficial for this application as they are non-invasive, improving the user experience, and they can track compound concentrations in real time.

Gas Separation

Gas separation is an essential technique for many sectors including the environmental, petrochemical, and gas storage. In particular, CO2 often needs to be separated from other gases in the atmosphere to reduce climate change and other adverse effects.

Gas analyzers are useful tools for identifying CO2 within an atmosphere in order to separate it and purify the air. The CO2 that is separated is now being stored and treated to develop biogases.

Hiden Analytical gas analyzers provide fast identification of gases in order for gas separation to be performed.

If you would like any more information about Hiden Analytical gas analyzers and the applications they can be used for, please send us a message.