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TPD Workstation

TPD Workstation 3D render

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A system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD/TDS) studies

The TPD Workstation features a multiport UHV chamber with heated sample stage coupled to a high precision triple filter analyser with digital pulse ion counting detector for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution.



The Hiden TPD Workstation is a complete experimental system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD) studies. The triple filter mass analyser is configured with a cooled shroud giving the analyser optimum sensitivity with minimum background contributions to desorption products from the sample. A fast sample load lock with sample transfer mechanism is included to provide for rapid sample change.


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Hiden’s TPDsoft thermal analysis PC software included with the Workstation provides automatic control of sample temperature integrated with analyser control. TPD analysis routines (e.g. peak integration/deconvolution etc) are also included in this package.

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