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Products for Nanotechnology

Hiden Analytical supplies industry-leading quadrupole mass spectrometers that make cutting-edge nanotechnology applications possible, from atomic scale surface analysis to ultra-precision vacuum diagnostics. Here you will find a comprehensive list of our mass spectrometry products for the determination of surface composition, contaminant analysis and for depth profiling.

SIMS/SNMS Workstation

The SIMS Workstation combines dynamic and static SIMS analysis with a dual-mode mass spectrometer for positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) ion detection, and an additional secondary neutral mass spectrometry (SNMS) detection mode, for superior flexibility in surface analysis applications.



The HPR-60 MBMS (molecular beam mass spectrometer) is optimised for the analysis of both positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) ions, as well as neutral and radicals, making it a robust solution for plasma and combustion analysis.


A system for multiple source monitoring in MBE deposition applications. For molecular beam analysis and deposition rate control.

TDSLab Series with shadows

TDSLab Series

Thermal Desorptions Spectrometry Systems for Advanced Materials Research.

FIB-SIMS for Nano-Scale Materials Analysis


High-performance bolt-on secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) for existing focused ion beam (FIB) systems.

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