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Quantitative gas analysis is used to determine the number of different types of gases and how much of each gas is present in the targeted environment. Gas analysis systems offer continuous analysis of multiple gases at near atmospheric pressure, with a response time to changes in gas composition of less than 300 milliseconds. In this blog post, we will cover what quantitative gas analysis is and what applications benefit from its methods.

What is Gas Analysis Used for?

Gas analysis is necessary to identify the concentration of gases in a specific atmosphere where more than one gas is present. This data can then be used to make decisions based on efficiency, product quality and safety.

Different gas analysis methods can also monitor contamination levels of targeted contaminants and gases and scan for unknown gases simultaneously. Some systems allow for targeted gas analysis, while others are explicitly used to scan for as many gas mixtures, gases and vapours as possible.

Applications of Quantitative Gas Analysers

Gas analysers can be used for continuous real-time monitoring of multiple gases in production scale and research applications such as, but not limited to, those mentioned below.

  • Catalysis
  • Combustion studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fuel cells gas purity
  • Gas separation studies
  • High purity gas analysis

The Benefits of Quantitative Gas Analysis

Quantitative gas analysis systems are used for the real-time analysis of multiple gas and vapour species. They notify managers of issues that may occur, and the data they collect can be used to improve processes and other aspects of the business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increase productivity and product yield
  • Increase throughput
  • Minimise downtime
  • Reduce costs

Additionally, many systems come with software that enhances the equipment. For example, analysts can program the software in single-stream or multi-stream modes. Multi-stream modes can enable the continuous analysis of up to 32 species via 80 streams. Most software will come with calibration options and templates to enhance the user experience and ease of use.

Quantitative Gas Analysis with Hiden Analytical

With over 40 years of experience in the field, Hiden Analytical design and manufactures a range of mass spectrometers, gas analysers and other instruments for a wide range of applications. Our equipment is used in applications such as gas analysis, electrochemistry, thin films, vacuum processing and many others.

Our Hiden QGA system is the ideal equipment for quantitative gas analysis as it is a high-performance gas analyser and offers precision and user-friendly tools to do the job required. The QGA inlet operates at up to 200oC and can provide response times as fast as 300 milliseconds, allowing for real-time analysis of detected gases and vapours.

For more information on the QGA, please visit the product page or download the QGA product brochure. Regardless of your gas analysis needs, contact us today and let’s find the ideal solution for your application.