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High Purity Gas Analysis

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For industrial and research applications

Hiden gas analysis systems feature the capability to track and monitor real time contamination levels of identified contaminants whilst simultaneously scanning for unknowns.


High purity gas supply is of prime importance to many industrial and research applications. Gas contamination can have a devastating effect on product quality and yield. Mass spectrometry provides unparalleled versatility for the detection of contaminants in pure gas streams with detection capability to sub PPM level for most species.

Applications include :

  • Satellite manufacture purge gas analysis.
  • Gas analysis of contaminants in gas supply in Hot Isostatic Processing (HIP)
  • Analysis of impurities in closed cycle refrigerator compressor gas
  • High purity hydrogen analysis in steel mill reducing processes
  • Semiconductor process gas supply

Hiden’s range of multi stream gas inlets provide for monitoring 4 or 8 gas streams. Hiden’s Hydra system can monitor up to 80 gas stream