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Enzyme Activity Studies

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Real-time Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Enzymatic Reactions

The HPR-40 DSA Mass Spectrometer provides a significant advantage in monitoring the concentrations of reactants and products in real-time during a reaction. The high sensitivity and rapid response time of MIMS analysis enable researchers to optimize the catalytic conversion rate of dissolved gas species by measuring it across a range of catalyst concentrations.


In this example, Figures 7-9 demonstrate how MIMS analysis enables researchers to identify the changes that initiate the desired reaction. By initiating a 2 mL reaction with the addition of recombinant CsOxOx to a final concentration of 0.12 μm at 2 minutes, researchers were able to characterize the production of CO2 and consumption of O2 (in arbitrary ion currents) from mesoxalate catalysed by CsOxOx. The real-time nature of MIMS analysis makes it an invaluable tool for optimizing catalytic conversion rates.

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