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Real-time continuous analysis is utilised in laboratories all over the world to improve safety, efficiency, and testing capabilities of chemical compounds. For example, quadrupole mass spectrometry is capable of resolving gas mixtures comprising numerous constituents in real time.

Using real-time continuous analytics to identify and analyse chemical compounds will provide numerous advantages to a business. No longer will you be waiting hours, or even days, for data to be processed and readily available. With real-time analysis, you can analyse data almost instantly, without even having to request it.

Benefits of Real-Time Continuous Analysis

Apart from real-time results, additional benefits include:

  • Continuous qualitative and quantitative data: The data will show how chemical concentrations are evolving, reactions in certain mixtures or how new formations are made. This data will also be helpful in processes where oxygen uptake and carbon production rates are vital for optimum yields.
  • Improve Response Times: When real-time data analytics show what is happening within chemical compounds, immediate action can be taken to rectify any errors. 
  • Data Visualisation: When real-time data is available, you are presented with a live view and can make adjustments as soon as required. Data in real-time is the opposite of batch or historical data, which shows you the results of a past event.
  • Cost Effective: real-time data analysis used to be a costly process but that is no longer the case thanks to advanced systems.
  • Versatility: Real-time gas analysers should be able to take measurements as well as separate mixtures when necessary. The chemical samples that can be analysed in real-time include hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide and dissolved gases can also be monitored.

Hiden Analytical

Hiden Analytical manufactures quadrupole mass spectrometers for a wide range of applications. These applications include gas and vapour analysis, residual gas analysis, thermal and surface analysis and more. The software we supply with our mass spectrometers allow for real-time data analysis, immediate exporting of data and a range of additional features.

One of the software packages we provide is the QGA 2, which has been designed specifically for quantitative gas and vapour analysis. This application-specific software can monitor up to 32 species via real-time continuous analysis.

The benefits of the QGA 2 software include:

  • Easy to use and simple to set up
  • Single-stream mode or multi-stream mode
  • Up to 80 streams can be analysed in the multi-stream mode
  • Can be integrated with other devices, such as CO analysers
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Automatic Detector Optimisation

If you would like more information about our QGA 2 software, or to request a quote, please get in touch with us via the contact form.