Dissolved Species Analysis

For analysis of respiratory gases, hydrocarbons and sulphides

Respiratory gases, hydrocarbons and vapour analysis in bio fuel research and ecological studies.

Dissolved Species Analysis


Dissolved species analysis employing Hiden’s high sensitivity membrane sampling technology for analysis of respiratory gases, hydrocarbons and sulphides is applied to a wide range of application areas including:

  • Ecolological studies in sea water
  • Bio fuel production from algae
  • Pollution monitoring in river, estuary and reservoir waters
  • Soil core analyses
  • Fermentation




Palmer Station, Antarctica | Gas Analysis

Research using the Hiden HPR-40 DSA to examine the seasonal cycle of biologically produced gases in surface waters of the West Antarctic Peninsula region.

UIC University of Illinois at Chicago | DEMS

Researchers prove surprising chemistry inside a potential breakthrough battery

Critex | Dissolved Gas Analysis

In-situ measurements in groundwater and surface water

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