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Green ammonia, a promising sustainable energy carrier, requires precise analysis to unlock its full potential. The challenge in its analysis often lies in the spectral overlap with water species, a common dilemma with conventional real-time mass spectrometers. This overlap complicates the accurate detection of ammonia, particularly in moisture-rich environments, which are prevalent in green ammonia production processes.

Hiden Analytical addresses these challenges head-on with its innovative HPR-40 DEMS and HPR-20 R&D systems. These instruments leverage advanced techniques, such as soft ionization, to distinguish between ammonia and water molecules, enabling precise quantification even at low concentrations. The HPR-40 DEMS system excels in real-time monitoring of electrochemical reactions, crucial for optimizing the efficiency of green ammonia synthesis. Meanwhile, the HPR-20 R&D system’s ability to accurately detect ammonia amidst high water vapor backgrounds opens new avenues in green ammonia research, ensuring the production processes are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

By providing robust solutions for the intricate challenges of green ammonia analysis, Hiden Analytical’s systems are indispensable tools for researchers and industries aiming to harness the full potential of this clean energy source. The technology not only facilitates breakthroughs in green ammonia production but also propels the global energy sector towards a more sustainable future.