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The quest for pure, pollutant-free indoor air is a priority in our modern age. Advanced air purification technologies have risen to the forefront to tackle this challenge. But behind every successful air purification technology lies a pivotal instrument for its analysis and optimization. Enter the Hiden HPR-60 MBMS.

Air Purification Plasmas: A Brief Overview

Air purification, through the use of plasmas like the Plasma Air Purifier’s bipolar ionization, has shown significant promise. This technology releases millions of positive and negative oxygen ions, actively neutralizing airborne pollutants. But to understand, refine, and enhance such plasma processes, in-depth characterization is essential.

The Role of the Hiden HPR-60 MBMS

The Hiden HPR-60 Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer (MBMS) has been a game-changer in this arena. So, how does it cater to the needs of characterizing air purification plasmas?

  1. Detailed Analysis: This instrument allows for an in-depth examination of plasma processes, giving users a comprehensive understanding of the ion generation, interaction, and neutralization.
  2. Real-time Characterization: One of the critical strengths of the HPR-60 MBMS is its ability to provide instantaneous results, enabling timely optimizations.
  3. Broad Analytical Scope: The HPR-60 MBMS can cater to a variety of samples, giving it an edge when analyzing complex plasmas with diverse ion populations.

Oxygen Ions & Plasma Characterization

With the fundamental role of oxygen ions in air purification plasmas, it’s crucial to study their generation, interaction, and effects. The Hiden HPR-60 MBMS stands out as an unparalleled tool in this endeavor. Its advanced capabilities facilitate the study of ion densities, interaction patterns, and overall plasma efficacy.

Why the Hiden HPR-60 MBMS is Essential for Air Purification Research

  • Precision: The MBMS offers a level of precision that is indispensable for refining air purification processes.
  • Versatility: Given the diverse nature of air purification plasmas, the HPR-60 MBMS’s broad analytical range is a significant advantage.
  • Enhanced Understanding: By using this tool, researchers can gain insights that lead to improved efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of air purifiers.


The journey to pristine indoor air quality is multifaceted. While innovative air purifiers play their part, instruments like the Hiden HPR-60 MBMS offer the analytical prowess required to continually push the envelope in plasma-based air purification.

Incorporating such state-of-the-art tools in the research and development phase ensures that the air purifiers of tomorrow are even more efficient, safe, and effective than those of today. For those immersed in the realm of air purification research, the Hiden HPR-60 MBMS is undeniably an invaluable asset.

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