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The role of Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) in the analysis of Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) across oceanic and agricultural domains.


Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is a significant volatile organic compound with critical roles in global climatic processes and soil-plant interactions. The utilisation of Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) offered by Hiden Analytical instruments, notably the HPR-40 DSA and the portable pQA, allows for real-time DMS quantification.

MIMS: Principle and Advantages

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry operates through a semi-permeable membrane that selectively allows gases or dissolved species to pervaporated into the inlet of the mass spectrometer and subsequently undergo mass analysis.

This process ensures:
• Minimized sample contamination.
• Real-time molecular diffusion and data acquisition.
• Enhanced sensitivity for selected compounds due to membrane enrichment for selected gas species.

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Oceanic DMS Characterisation

DMS plays a pivotal role in the ocean-atmosphere sulphur cycle. Its derivation from marine phytoplankton has been linked to cloud nucleation processes.

MIMS in Marine Studies:

  1. Depth Profiling: The HPR-40 DSA facilitates depth-specific DMS concentration mapping.
  2. Temporal Analysis: Continuous monitoring allows for tracking biogeochemical shifts.
  3. Quantification: Membrane enrichment allows quantification to PPT levels for DMS species

Agricultural DMS Characterisation

DMS’s presence in agricultural settings offers insights into soil microbial ecosystems and phytogenic interactions.

Portable MIMS Analysis: The pQA from Hiden Analytical provides in-situ DMS quantification.

  • Direct analysis of soil gas exchanges.
  • In-field tracking of plant metabolic responses.


The scientific community’s interest in DMS dynamics necessitates accurate and efficient tools. Hiden Analytical’s MIMS technology, encompassing the HPR-40 DSA and pQA, has emerged as a robust solution for DMS research across diverse environments.

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