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Green hydrogen could greatly aid the global shift to sustainable energy and net-zero emissions economies. The global movement to realise hydrogen’s long-standing potential as a clean energy source is gaining unparalleled momentum. Future energy can be clean, safe, and reasonably priced with the help of hydrogen. 

What is Green Hydrogen?

If driven by renewable energy, the electrolysers used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen can produce hydrogen without emitting any greenhouse gases. This type of hydrogen production is commonly referred to as green hydrogen.

Green electricity can be converted into transportation fuel or used as a feedstock in industrial operations where there are currently no climate-neutral alternatives by using green hydrogen as a bridge. We will be able to fuel container ships with wind energy thanks to green hydrogen and its derivative fuels, including green ammonia. In this approach, hydrogen considerably increases the capacity of renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions.

Why is Green Hydrogen Important?

One objective that nations from all over the world have set for 2050 is decarbonising the planet. The generation of green hydrogen, is key to achieving this goal because hydrogen now accounts for over 2% of all worldwide CO2 emissions. Green hydrogen is a substitute that lessens emissions and protects the environment.

It has an outstanding energy density (MJ/kg) and is a very adaptable energy carrier. In heavy industries, transportation, and many other applications, it can serve as an additional fuel or take the place of others. The world produces over 70 million metric tonnes annually, mainly for the chemicals sector.

Green Hydrogen Processes

The idea of using green hydrogen as a future fuel and energy source is gaining traction. The proper measurement of hydrogen and other gases is essential for successfully manufacturing this potentially clean energy fuel since purity is of the utmost importance during green hydrogen production by electrolysis.

Electrolysis fuelled by renewable resources creates green hydrogen from water. Its green credentials will make it essential for industries like steel that are difficult to decarbonise. Green hydrogen is experiencing unprecedented political and commercial impetus, and the number of laws and projects being undertaken globally is rising quickly. To enable the widespread use of hydrogen, it is necessary to scale up the technology and reduce costs.

We at Hiden Analytical are dedicated to contributing to environmentally friendly hydrogen production and processing.

Gas Analysis Products

Hiden Analytical’s gas analysis products provide real-time Hydrogen measurement to facilitate a more precise creation of clean energy fuel.

Trusted to deliver specialist gas analysis solutions worldwide, Hiden Analytical is one of the industry-leading gas analyser manufacturers for precision applications. We have a range of mass spectrometry solutions for gas analysis applications.

Hiden Analytical offers accurate and user-friendly equipment for quantitative gas and vapour analysis. Our Hiden systems are high-performance gas analysers for continuous, real-time monitoring of several species across an extensive dynamic range. The Hiden gas analysis solutions meet users’ needs in research and production scale applications thanks to their small footprint and simple operation.

Every plant, facility, and customer is uniquely different. Contact our applications specialists, who are ready to speak to you about how our gas analysis and continuous monitoring solutions meet your distinct needs. 


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