Forthcoming Conferences

HIPIMS 2016 Exhibitions Stand Photo

Hiden Analytical will be attending a number of meetings and conferences in 2018 including those listed below. Further individual posts regarding those of particular interest will be put up in due course.

DateConferenceLocationBooth No.
January 2018
3rd January 2018UKSAF Winter MeetingLathom, UK
3rd - 5th January 2018UKCC 2018Loughborough, UK
9th - 10th January 2018JSR 2018Ibaraki, Japan
14th - 18th January 2018PCSI-45Kona HW, USASponsor
18th January 2018Diamond Supplier ExhibitionHarwell , UK
18th - 20th January 2018Biomass Domestic ConferenceMiyagi Sendaim, Japan
19th January 2018SSG | Surface Processes: Structure and ChemistryLondon, UK
February 2018
1st February 201834th SAOGFribourg, SwitzerlandBooth 10
6th - 7th February 2018Industrial Analysis ExhibitionParis, FranceBooth L1
6th - 8th February 2018IMEC-18Dead Sea, Israel
7th - 8th February 2018DM2018Mons, Belgium
7th - 9th February 2018KVSKorea
12th - 16th February 2018SASP 2018Obergurgl, Austria
13th February 2018Hiden Product Seminar NTISPilsen, Czech Republic
14th February 2018Hiden Product Seminar ČVUT (Technical University)
Prague, Czech Republic
15th February 2018Hiden Product Seminar Research Centre AdMaS at VUT (Technical University)Brno, Czech Republic
22nd February 2018NCCAVSSan Jose, CA USA
22nd - 23rd February 201827th ATC 2018Frankfurt, Germany
25th February - 3rd March 20183S*18St.Christoph/Arlberg, AustriaSponsor
26th - 28th February 2018Big Science Business Forum 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkBooth 35
26th February - 1st March 2018Pittcon 2018Orlando FL, USABooth 1360
March 2018
9th - 11th March 2018ECSJ2018Tokyo, Japan
12th - 13th March 2018SFJ Domestic MeetingTokyo, Japan
14th -16th March 201851. Jahrestreffen Deutscher KatalytikerWeinmar, Germany
15th March 2018Diamond Monthly Supplier ExhibitionHarwell, UK
15th March 2018Battery Tech Expo UK 2018Telford, UKBooth C3
17th - 20th March 2018JSAP Spring MeetingTokyo, Japan
18th - 22nd March 2018ACSNew Orleans, LA USABooth 113
18th - 23rd March 2018ICCSC-50Krakow, Poland
20th - 22nd March 2018ECNF 2018Cranfield, UK
20th - 23rd March 2018Mühlleithen 2018Mühlleithen, Germany
21st - 23rd March 2018CNCIM-2018Veracruz Llave, Mexico
22nd - 23rd March 2018Mühlleithen 2018Mühlleithen, Germany
20th - 23rd March 2018Catalysis Domestic MeetingTokyo, Japan
25th - 28th March 2018Syngas 3 ConventionCape Town, South AfricaSponsor
27th - 28th March 2018TAC 2018Belfast, UK
27th - 28th March 2018ChemEngDay UK 2018Leeds, UK
27th - 29th March 2018SLIMAIAParis, France
28th - 29th March 2018FORUM LABO LYONLyon, FranceBooth B57
28th - 29th March 2018Gasification 2018Frankfurt, GermanySponsor
April 2018
8th - 12th April 2018ORCSSan Diego, CA USATable 5
9th - 10th April 201845th Plasma Physics ConferenceBelfast, Ireland
12th - 13th April 2018UK MBE Working PartyNotthingham, UK
15th - 19th April 2018Operando VIMalaga, Spain
17th - 20th April 2018Korea LabKorea
22nd - 25th April 2018NanoAfrica 2018Durban, South AfricaSponsor
23rd - 27th April 2018ICMCTFSan Diego CA, USABooth 308
24th April 2018Catalysis SeminarMadrid, Spain
29th April - 1st May 2018ASD18Raleigh NC, USASponsor
May 2018
2nd May 2018UKAEA CulhamAbingdon, UKBooth A3
3rd May 2018STFC Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryHarwell, UKBooth A3
3rd May 2018Michigan Catalysis Society MeetingMidland, MI USA
7th - 9th May 2018Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2018Würzburg, Germany
10th - 12th May 2018Bunsentagung 2018Hannover, Germany
13th - 17th May 2018ECS 233Seattle, WA USABooth 202
15th - 17th May 2018The Battery Show Europe 2018Hannover, GermanyBooth B646
17th - 18th May 201825th International Scientific Meeting on Vacuum Science and TechniqueGozd Martuljek, SloveniaSponsor
20th - 23rd May 2018ISCRE25Florence, Italy
21st - 23rd May 2018NSLS/CFN at BrookhavenUpton, NY USABooth 6
27th - 29th May 2018CSC 2018Edmonton, Alberta Canada
June 2018
7th - 9th June 2018Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2018Würzburg, Germany
10th - 13th June 2018IMCCRE 2018Mazatlan, MexicoBooth 2
10th - 17th June 2018IWSSPP'18Kiten, BulgariaSponsor
11th - 13th June 2018HeFIB 2018Dresden, Germany
13th - 14th June 2018SVTM 2018Bordeaux, FranceBooth 2
13th - 14th June 2018Surface FestBordeaux, FranceBooth 2
13th - 15th June 2018JNMO 2018Cap Esterel, FranceSponsor
16th - 22nd June 2018Jasz 2018Szczyrk, PolandSponsor
17th - 22nd June 2018EVC-15Geneva, SwitzerlandBooth 10
17th - 22nd June 2018IMLB2018Kyoto, JapanBooth 5
18th - 21st June 201828th SPPTPrague, Czech Republic
18th - 22nd June 2018E-MRS 2018Strasbourg, FranceSponsor
20th - 21st June 2018Joint Applied Surface Analysis 2018 / Pacific Northwest AVS (PNWAVS)Richland, WA USA
27th - 28th June 2018HIPIMS 2018Sheffield, UK
July 2018
1st - 5th July 2018ISNTP-11Padova, ItalySponsor
2nd - 6th July 2018EPS 2018Prague, Czech Republic
4th July 2018UKSAF Summer MeetingDidcot, UK
11th - 13th July 2018FUSION 2018Cambridge, UK
12th July 2018JTEToulouse, France
17th - 21st July 2018ESCAMPIG XXIVGlasgow, Scotland
22nd - 26th July 2018GK2018Lille, FranceSponsor
29th July - 1st August 2018ALD 2018Incheon, KoreaBooth 18
29th July - 3rd August 2018ICPS 2018Corum, FranceSponsor
August 2018
5th - 10th August 2018TOCAT8Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
12th - 16th August 2018SIMBChicago, IL USABooth 16
15th - 18th August 2018APCOPTS 2018Xi'an, China
19th - 23rd August 2018Fall ACS MeetingBoston, MA USABooth 1115
19th - 24th August 2018IMRC 2018Cancun, MexicoBooth 41
26th - 28th August 2018NSC 2018Copenhagen, Denmark
26th - 31st August 2018ECOSS 34Aarhus,, DenmarkBooth 9
27th - 31st August 20188ESSEEToulouse, FranceSponsor
September 2018
2nd - 5th September 2018GIC-DiChIn2018Milan, ItalySponsor
2nd - 7th September 2018ISE 2018Bologna, ItalyBooth 12
3rd - 6th September 20188th International Training Course from In Situ Operando StudiesSan Luis Potosi, Mexico
5th - 7th September 2018JASISMakuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan
5th - 7th September 20182nd UCL-PKU symposium on Materials, Energy and CatalysisLondon, UK
6th September 2018IVS2018Tel Aviv, Israel
9th - 14th September 2018CICat 2018Coimbra, Portugal
10th - 13th September 2018Challenger 2018Newcastle, UKBooth D
10th - 14th September 2018JVC-17Olomouc, Czech Republic
11th - 12th September 20188th World Congress on Spectroscopy and Analytical TechniquesStockholm, SwedenSponsor
11th - 14th September 201868. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Physikalischen GesellschaftGraz, Germany
16th - 18th September 2018SIMS Europe 2018Meunster, Germany
16th - 18th September 2018Electrochem 2018Lancaster, UK
16th - 21st September 2018EMIS XVIIICERN Geneva, Switzerland
17th - 21st September 2018PSE 2018Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyBooth 48
18th - 21st September 2018JSAP Autumn Domestic MeetingNagoya, Aichi, Japan
19th - 21st September 2018SCS Annual Meeting 2018Portorož, Slovenia
20th - 22nd September 2018ISO/TC 201 Surface Chemical AnalysisPlaya del Carmen, MexicoSponsor
24th - 26th September 2018Electrochemistry 2018Ulm, Germany
24th - 27th September 2018XI ICSMVPlaya del Carmen, Mexico
26th - 28th September 2018Catalysis Domestic MeetingHakodate, Japan
October 2018
4th October 2018Diamond Monthly Supplier ExhibitionUK
9th - 12th October 2018SIMS-China VIISuzhou, China
10th October 2018Science & Technology Solutions Exhibition 2018 - BAE Systems Broad Oak Facility - Exclusive EventPortsmouth, UKBooth A19
11th - 12th October 2018Vacuum Symposium 9Coventry, UKSponsor
11th - 12th October 2018DMBEFreiburg, Germany
18th October 2018Exhibiton at Culham Science CentreCulham, UK
21st - 26th October 2018AVS International Symposium & ExhibitionLong Beach, CA USABooth 345
29th - 31st October 2018STT44Bangkok, ThailandBooth D2
November 2018
5th - 9th November 201871st GECPortland, OR USA
dates tbcSSSJ Domestic MeetingJapan
13th - 15th November 2018Optical Thin FilmTokyo, Japan
December 2018
5th - 7th December 2018Bessy User MeetingBerlin, Germany
12th - 14th December 2018Semicon Japan 2018Tokyo, Japan
January 2019
9th - 11th January 2019UKCC 2019UK
February 2019
5th - 6th February 2019 Industrial Analysis 2019Paris, FranceBooth L10
March 2019
28th March 2019Battery Tech ExpoTelford, UKBooth G7
April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019
August 2019
18th - 23rd August 2019EuropaCat 2019Aachen, GermanyBooth B10 or C10

For further information, or to suggest any other conferences that may be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.