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Join Dr Thomas Gaudy from France Scientifique at 12th International Workshop on Microplasmas.

The scientific scope for IWM 2024 includes:

  1. Microplasma generation/sources
  2. Microplasma diagnostics
  3. Microplasma modelling
  4. Plasmas in liquids and bubbles
  5. Applications in material processing, plasma medicine, plasma agriculture, environmental applications, and industrial contributions.

Join us for an insightful week of discussions and discoveries in the dynamic field of microplasmas. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the latest innovations, network with experts, and see how microplasmas are revolutionizing various industries. See you in Orleans!

◉ Location: Orléans, France

Date & Time: 3rd-7th June, 2024

Visit Conference Website: click here

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