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Tom Chen and Jason Li, our representatives from Extratech in China, are exhibiting at the 21st National Electrochemistry Conference. This event was conducted by the Chinese Society of Electrochemistry (CSE) and was held at the Dalian University of Technology, located in Dalian, China, from May 22 to 25, 2023. The conference emphasized the advancement of electrochemical science and highlighted the most recent research outcomes and accomplishments within China’s contemporary electrochemical scene. The primary purpose was to foster the utilization of electrochemical science and technology within fields such as energy, environment, materials, among others. The ultimate goal being the sustainable development of society.

Where: Dalian University of Technology

Booth: 75

The Hiden Analytical Stand at the 21st National Electrochemistry Conference

Entrance to the 21st National Electrochemistry Conference | Dalian, China

Visit Conference Website: click here

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