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From June 22nd to 24th, the 35th Catalyst Research Debate was held at the Sweet Hotel Namwon (http://www.suites.co.kr/Namwon/eng/indexE) in Korea.

SCINCO-HIDEN attended the conference as a sponsor, which was attended by about 70 people, including university professors and researchers from companies and public institutes.

Under the theme of “Catalytic Technology for Energy Paradigm Transformation,” there was a lecture on carbon neutrality, blue oxygen production, and greenhouse gas reduction

During the intermission, participants visited the booth and asked many questions about HIDEN QMS Systems used for catalyst research.

Especially, HIDEN QMSs are very famous to secondary battery experiments’ researcher in Korea.

SCINCO-HIDEN will continue to attend and sponsor Catalyst Research Debate.

When: 22nd – 24th June, 2022

Venue: Sweet Hotel Namwon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

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