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Hiden Analytical recently exhibited at the 64th AVS International Symposium & Exhibition 2017 in Tampa, FL. The American Vacuum Society (AVS) show displayed cutting edge technology in the field of vacuum sciences. Manufactures display tools focusing on thin film characterization, ion etching, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and temperature programed desorption (TPD) as well as more straightforward components for ultra-high vacuum such as turbo molecular pumps, vacuum flanges, chambers and electrical feedthroughs that feature ultra-clean environments with minimal outgassing.


The AVS show attracts scientists and manufacturers from around the world looking for the latest technology for their process or laboratory. At Hiden Analytical’s booth we featured our plasma and vacuum detection line and featured several residual gas analyzers on display. The show was fruitful as we had many existing users stop by to discuss their research in various vacuum fields with us. This year there was a lot of buzz around coupled plasmas in ion etching or plasma deposition processes under vacuum and as such we had quite a few professors and companies interested in our plasma detection instruments.

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