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Join Dr Sean Davies at International conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, ICPIG XXXV!

The event is to be held from 9-14 July in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.

The ICPIG is a renowned biennial international conference covering nearly all fields in plasma science, from fundamentals to applications. It emphasises interdisciplinary research and fosters exchange between different communities.

The conference topics are:
1. Elementary processes and fundamental data
2. Thermodynamics and transport phenomena
3. Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effects
4. Collective and nonlinear phenomena

Modeling, Simulation and Diagnostics
5. Modeling and simulation techniques
6. Plasma diagnostic methods

Plasma Sources and Discharge Regimes
7. Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmas
8. Low pressure plasmas
9. High frequency and pulsed discharges
10. Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressures
11. Plasmas in/with liquids
12. Thermal plasmas
13. Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmas, mixed phase plasmas
14. Plasma created by external sources of ionization

15. Plasma processing of surfaces and particles
16. High pressure and thermal plasma processing
17. Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applications
18. Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle and radiation sources
19. Other applications

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